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Yaaze – Social Networking Your Way to a Job

yaaze-logo Yaaze is a job seeking network where job seekers post their availability, requirements and salary expectations so that employers can search for them rather than the other way around. An obvious idea that has been tried before in various different guises, but would certainly find a very motivated audience in these economic conditions.

Finding job seekers to upload their resumes won’t be too difficult, the harder part will be finding employers to give them jobs.

Something that might set Yaaze apart is the fact that job seekers can interact with each other, what their motivation for doing so remains to be seen as they are competing with each other by default. But it may prove useful as a resource for aggregating knowledge about recruitment processes, poor hiring, great companies and maybe some that aren’t so great. If Yaaze can motivate their users to share useful information with each other, leveraging the social network to improve each users’ chances of landing a job, then they may be onto a winner.


Yaaze – Social Networking Your Way to a Job
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