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Videojug – Video Tutorials for Life Skills

videojug_logoThis site not only provides answers to your questions in a comprehensive everything-you-need-to-know way, it also does it with videos so that you can sit back and get a demonstration. With more than 60,000 professionally made videos and article guides, along with thousands more contributed by the Videojug community, this is a good place to learn how to do the simple things in life like tie a tie, or how to deal with complicated problems including finance and technology.

Why read the complicated instructions that come with gadgets when it’s possible to watch somebody show how to do it in easy steps? The Q & A page lets you type in your question and up pop all the relevant videos. I asked how to de-clutter my house and how to make a pizza, and I appreciated the clear steps in the recipe along with subtitles which would make the site useful for the hard of hearing.

The videos are divided into topics on the main page menu, including Beauty and Style, Creative and Culture, Family and Education, Food and Drink, Health and Wellbeing, Lifestyle and Home, Love and Dating, Money and Careers, Sports and Outdoors, and Technology and Cars. The Videojug videos are certainly professionally made, and anyone who tries this site is likely to keep coming back for answers and for fun. The serious questions in life are answered, but the most viewed videos also solve those tricky problems like what to do about the trapped arm dilemma when you cuddle in bed, and how to get a date if you’re a nerd.

Members of the Videojug community can post their own videos or articles on their areas of expertise – and everyone will have a skill somebody else needs to learn. The Videojug motto is ‘Get good at life.’


Videojug – Video Tutorials for Life Skills
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