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ImageRaters – Post Images for Feedback

All the funny, startling or intriguing images you find online can be posted on ImageRaters for others to enjoy and vote on. Members add photos which go onto a ‘Queue’ page where they remain unless they get at least two votes, then they move to the main pages. Voting is by a thumbs up or down, the negative responses taking points away. The highest rated photos go into a top 10 and there’s a definite satisfaction in getting positive feedback from other members.

Photos need to be added by giving a link to a website, and ImageRaters helps users by telling them clearly how to right click on images they want to post in order to find the URL. Members could also post their own photos (recommended sites are given where photos can be uploaded) and photoshopped images are invited along with unaltered ones. A snappy caption to attract attention helps appeal to voters, and it’s almost impossible to look at some of the comical images without voting for them. Comments lead to discussion between members, and it’s possible to post links to websites for more information on the images. No doubt this will appeal to those who work with art and photography and want to provide links to their own websites.


ImageRaters – Post Images for Feedback
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