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QUIDCO – Aggregates Shopping Cashback Schemes

Logo-quidcoThis is the type of service that makes you wonder why others haven’t thought of it. Quidco collects referral commissions from online merchants and passes this on to the customer as cashback. Members get money back from all their shopping as earnings, and Quidco passes this amount on in full. In return Quidco only takes the first £5 they earn as the total annual fee for participating. Merchants are pleased with it as they get more customers, buyers get money back on their purchases, and Quidco profits by getting a rapidly expanding number of members each paying their small annual fee.

The number of online merchants offering commission is enormous, and a benefit of this site is that it gathers them all together. Customers can easily see all the merchants selling the type of goods they’re after, and can compare the rates of commission. If there’s a delivery charge this is also clearly given. It would be possible to do most of your shopping from Quidco, from groceries, home goods and technology through to office, travel, entertainment, sports and leisure.

To use it members sign up then click on the retailer from thorough directories for goods and services. The retailer then passes the commission to Quidco, and this is then accumulated in the member’s account. A stack of pound coins adds up your total earnings. Extra community discussion areas let members communicate their own discoveries or offers. Quidco also invites charity fundraisers to use the service because commissions for shopping could be donated to their cause rather than to individuals. This is a website visitors are likely to sign up to on a first visit and is climbing up the ratings.


QUIDCO – Aggregates Shopping Cashback Schemes
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