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Trourist – Travel Advice by Social Network

trouristTrourist takes the old idea of seeking travel and holiday advice from friends and puts it on to a social network so that, whatever the destination, tips can be found from hundreds of contacts. The R in Trourist stands for ‘real’, as this method lets the traveller benefit from the actual experiences of others in each destination of choice. To start, the user types in a destination to find out which of their contacts have been there. Each of these contacts will have filled in details on travel, accommodation and local events worth visiting or avoiding. It’s possible to bookmark useful data, and to choose these contacts as travel advisers, asking them for more information.

On return the traveller, or Trourist, writes up information about the trip for others to access. Another benefit is that it’s international, so information can be given by locals in the place to be visited, and users could also recommend the advantages of their own local area. This makes it easier for people to plan their whole trip without the need for a package deal, and without having to rely on brochures and travel agents. For anyone on a budget this will be appealing, and also for those who want to design their own holiday rather than having it done for them. It will also help beat some of the more misleading holiday brochure claim


Trourist – Travel Advice by Social Network
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