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Swabr – Enterprise Microblogging Made in Germany

SwabrSwabr offers you a new concept, enterprise microblogging under the highest quality of German products. If you did not know, swabr means in German black board 2.0. Swabr offers company members the chance to communicate in real time. If you want to picture it more accurately simply think of a blackboard on which everyone in the company writes what he/she thinks of a certain problem and a possible solution. Now the black board becomes digital.

It is like the entire company has its own shared blog, a microblog and thus the concept of microblogging. The new Swabr microblogging concept will offer you the key to improving your social-enterprise.  There will no longer be problems regarding time difference in communication between employees. With Swarb, everyone will be able to communicate with the people he/she needs in real-time.

As for quality, what can be said more than “Made in Germany”? Swabr offers you the highest level of quality in social-media software, you will be able to input the social media concept without any software errors and the employees will be able to use it efficiently, as it is quite easy to follow in design and concept.


Swabr – Enterprise Microblogging Made in Germany
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2 Responses to Swabr – Enterprise Microblogging Made in Germany

  • chris says:

    i’m Christoph from Communote and i’m sorry but imho swabr doesn’t offers a new concept. Communote was the first german enterprise mircoblogging tool. And communote was released in 2009 😉

  • Conrad says:

    I like looking through a post that can make men and women think. Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!

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