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Ecommerce – Sell Items on Multiple Sites

With various sites offering the chance to sell new and secondhand items it makes sense to use more than one to reach as many potential customers as possible. Checking them all would be time consuming, so OneMarketplace is a useful service which allows you to enter details about each item you’re offering on one website which will then list it on the others.

I tried it out and it’s easier to use than some of the other sites, with simple steps to list an item to be sold or shared. An Add Item Button leads to a prompt for the name and description, and a photo can be uploaded before offering the item for sale or to share. With unwanted items it’s possible to offer free sharing with marketplace friends, an email list and social network followers. It takes a single click to post this information on Facebook and Twitter.

Selling items is equally straightforward. After adding the item and photo the user can select other places to sell, including eBay, Craigslist, Oodle (Facebook, Myspace and AOL), OLX, Vast and Twitter. It’s stated on the website that the items can be listed in more places than this and that the aim is to include every popular auction, classified and social network with a marketplace. An option to donate items to charity is also planned. After a free first listing the service is financed by a subscription of $18 per year to sell to multiple marketplaces, while sharing items is free.


QUIDCO – Aggregates Shopping Cashback Schemes

Logo-quidcoThis is the type of service that makes you wonder why others haven’t thought of it. Quidco collects referral commissions from online merchants and passes this on to the customer as cashback. Members get money back from all their shopping as earnings, and Quidco passes this amount on in full. In return Quidco only takes the first £5 they earn as the total annual fee for participating. Merchants are pleased with it as they get more customers, buyers get money back on their purchases, and Quidco profits by getting a rapidly expanding number of members each paying their small annual fee.

The number of online merchants offering commission is enormous, and a benefit of this site is that it gathers them all together. Customers can easily see all the merchants selling the type of goods they’re after, and can compare the rates of commission. If there’s a delivery charge this is also clearly given. It would be possible to do most of your shopping from Quidco, from groceries, home goods and technology through to office, travel, entertainment, sports and leisure.

To use it members sign up then click on the retailer from thorough directories for goods and services. The retailer then passes the commission to Quidco, and this is then accumulated in the member’s account. A stack of pound coins adds up your total earnings. Extra community discussion areas let members communicate their own discoveries or offers. Quidco also invites charity fundraisers to use the service because commissions for shopping could be donated to their cause rather than to individuals. This is a website visitors are likely to sign up to on a first visit and is climbing up the ratings.


PutACart – E-Commerce Solution

Logo Let me tell you: using custom built shopping carts for your online stores can be very expensive or a headache if you have them created by an amateur. Now you can get the putacart service running for you in no time which is essentially a shopping cart already built and usable by anyone on the Internet.

Whether you are using a social networking site like FaceBook or MySpace or you like to blog, putacart can quickly display your product on your profile pages or anywhere you want for that matter and places a secure, easy to use and virtually hassle free shopping cart at your fingertips.

Your visitors can either go directly to PayPal. the only payment method available as of now, or they can go to your storefront located on to make their purchases.

The service is in beta and its free at the moment. They may ultimately start charging so it might be a good move to get an account.


ShopLunaChics – A Fun Shopping Experience

Logo Women love to shop. And what’s better than to shop and have fun at the same time.

LunaChics is taking women’s apparel and accessory shopping experience to a whole new personalized and fun level. Be it jeans, tops, jewelery or bags, this store offers both online and off-line shopping facilities. The online catalogue is limited to bags, gift and jewelry items but their RL store offers the full range of products of different brands. The site accepts all the major credit cards.

How does it make it a fun to shop? The answer is the conducive environment it provides to its customers. The store provides reclining facilities for the customers with large screen TVs (even the husbands will have something to smile about during their visit) and a place where kids can play and have fun.


FactorGaming – Customized Gaming Laptops

LogoToday’s games demand high performance machines. Traditionally desktops have been the driving force behind the success of games but now the shift is starting towards laptops. Choosing a right gaming laptop is difficult though. That is where comes in. uses templates to give the user an idea of the bare minimum machine. The users are then free to add customizations to suit their particular taste. Things like processor, RAM, hard disk, operating system and accessories like camera, battery, carrying case etc can be added on the fly and the price quoted. You can then place the order of your dream machine and it will be delivered within 10 days.

The website accepts Credit Cards, PayPal eChecks, Money Orders, Personal Checks, and Wire Transfers.

Happy gaming everyone.


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