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Refactory – Opensource Coding Wiki

Logo With so many things going on to wikis these days, it is not surprising to see programming done wikistyle. Refactory is a place for programmers, both novice and professional, to share code snippets with the community.

This community driven service is free. The code snippets can be searched using tags or keywords. Improvements can be made by registered users so the content is protected from spammers. If open source is your preference, contribute your code to this web site and do your bit for the programming community.


Scrim Beat the spambots with a simple captcha

scrim A lot of spam email lists are created by bots scraping the web picking up every email they can get their dirty mitts on. is a lightweight app that allows you to encrypt your email address as a url, if someone wants to get your email address they just have to click the link and enter a captcha to prove they are human. A very simple solution, to a pervasive problem. The only problem is that most people don’t  realise that this is how spam email lists are often created, so its a problem they aren’t aware of.


TwitterJobSearch – Tweet yourself a job

twitterjobsearch1Another Twitter mashup? Yes that’s right. But this is the sort of app that has real potential. Twitter’s being touted as the future of social search by some at the moment, but the results are fairly haphazard, apps like TwitterJobSearch aim to help by allowing users to focus  their search on a particular niche, i.e. jobs.

The system is simple and easy to use, the result is a powerful search mechanic that provides real value.


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