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Niche Content Sites

Qajack – Q & A Videos

Logo Have you ever wondered why the q & a sites on the internet look a little boring? The reason I think of is the absence of reality. A face to face interaction like you would in real life. So when we were reviewing Qajack, we were impressed by the idea.

The site allows you to post questions and answers using short video clips uploaded to the website. This way your emotions and gestures play a vital role in telling others about your sincerity in asking a question and gives the whole exercise a real life look. You can earn “jacks dollars” which is the site’s currency. The more jacks you have, the higher your rating and the higher your respect. A nice twist on the Q&A niche.


Zajet – What are you sharing today?

Logo I recently had to share some documents with friends. The problem was that the online sharing websites had little to offer with what we had to do and that was sharing/blogging/editing/versioning at the same time.  And then I found, which made the whole thing simple and fun.

This website allows you to share almost anything you want (the file size is limited though, only 2 MB per file which is really a shame; make it at least 5 guys!). You are given your own page when you sign up and then in that page you can blog/post articles/share files etc. A nifty little feature is that your own widgets can be added to your page.


Famous Tweeters – Celebrity Tweeters

Logo So you want to find out whether the celebrity you love tweets or not? You want not only their current but all the past tweets they have posted. Well head over to

The site keeps track of stars, sports personalities, politicians and well known figures who tweet. The interface is extremely easy and fun to use. Check if your star is listed and clicking on the name will get you their messages. And if you have a Tweeter account you can even post replies to them.


Refactory – Opensource Coding Wiki

Logo With so many things going on to wikis these days, it is not surprising to see programming done wikistyle. Refactory is a place for programmers, both novice and professional, to share code snippets with the community.

This community driven service is free. The code snippets can be searched using tags or keywords. Improvements can be made by registered users so the content is protected from spammers. If open source is your preference, contribute your code to this web site and do your bit for the programming community.


FreshBrain – Showcase Your Talent

LogoA website which encourages teens to showcase their creative talent to the whole world. FreshBrain allows users to create projects using handy tools which are all freely available through the site interface, then share these projects with the community.

The site is non-profit and is partnered by giants like Sun Microsystems, T-Mobile USA and Google. The site offers scholarships to talented students from various localities. They also boast a huge community of students, parents and teachers who take an active part and collaborate among each other to hold different events in their areas.

You can also donate towards the different programs managed by the site and can even sponsor scholarships.


Openzine – E-zines for everyone

Logo Ever thought of publishing your own e-zine? For free? Look no further than

Openzine are have created an easy and  free way of creating an ezine. The most important and eye catching feature of a magazine is the title page which is really fun and easy to create in the interface which openzine provides. Although not as powerful as the professional solutions, it is far better than most online image editors and comes packed with a lot of self explanatory features. The site also has a video tour explaining the process of title creation which is what others should follow.

The site provides numerous templates for content management. A text editor is provided for adding some professional touches to your creation. The author can save the unfinished work and resume it later for that extra polishing before finally publishing it. So write some content, sign up for an account and publish your creation for the world to see.


RentJungle – Find affordable living

Logo RentJungle aims to be the search engine and resource for all your rental needs.

The site has a really simple and intuitive interface displaying a map of the USA. Just click on the place where you are planning to move and the site will return the rental housing options which are available in that particular area. The search can be by state, city or even a university/college locality. Students will love it as our searches located apartments under $80 within minutes.

The results can be filtered using price ranges, number of beds or baths and can be sorted. Sometimes duplicate results are generated as the site takes information from other sources on the internet.

One nifty feature is the articles area where you can find information about rentals, insurance, leasing and even roommates (or how to choose a good one).

A handy site to visit for those who are planning to make a move to another place and want to have an estimate about the prices and the facilities you can expect.


Zoom to

LogoNow here’s an interesting concept. You will find numerous places around the Internet which allow you to upload your pictures and share them with the world. takes the concept a little further with a great idea.

The site allows you to upload your photos and then display these through flash widgets which allow people to zoom in and out of the uploaded photos to get all those details which other sites miss. So if you always wanted to show your creations in all the details to other people you don’t have to resize your images. Just upload and let others zoom and enjoy.


Cricket360 Aims for Niche Cricket Audience

logo3Niche portals can fare well if the subject matter is engaging to a large enough group of interested individuals. Cricket360 is an India based community site that aims to allow cricket fans to create profiles, instant message, live video chat and catch up on the latest news.

The founders say they are going to differentiate themselves by “going beyond providing the regular historical and real-time statistical data and news and information like other sports portals.” Which presumably means they are aiming to create content themselves as well as hoping for user-generated content through their cricket-specific social network. What remains to be seen is whether cricket360 can lure enough dedicated cricket fans to interact and create interesting cricket based content on their site, rather than their own blog or social network. Taking a look at the company’s site, it looks like they are planning on creating multiple sports based portals, which may be where the value lies for this business.


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