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SproutPitch – Entrepreneur Video Pitches

If you enjoy watching entrepreneurs pitching their ideas on television shows, or if you have a pioneering idea you’d like to pitch, you can make a video and post it on SproutPitch. I took a look at it wondering if the entrepreneurs with the best ideas would be hidden beneath the mass, but instead each pitch I looked at made me want to visit their website. The video doesn’t have to be highly professional so long as the idea is good and you put it across well in the short time allocated.

Pitches have to be for a product, service or project, and the designers call it an ‘elevatator pitch’ as it should take roughly the same amount of time as an elevator ride. They advise users to describe what the product service or product is; say what it offers the buyer, investor or sponsor in terms of benefits; and to conclude by saying who you are and why your idea will be successful

Take a look if you would like to put your idea across or to find some innovative projects worth considering. To submit a pitch you need to make your video, post it to YouTube and then tag it with SproutPitch. It should be no longer than 60 seconds, and it’s surprising how much you can say in that time, then fill in the form on the SproutPitch website with the YouTube link and they will see if it’s acceptable. This selection method does mean that the content is worth viewing and it’s a helpful place to be seen.


VideoLobby – Easy Online TV Broadcasting


The designers say this website makes broadcasting your online TV shows as easy as blogging, and it certainly is easy to set up a channel. In minutes you can have set up your own channel, your show names and logos, and have scheduled your first episode. Video tutorials take you through the necessary steps so that even a first-time broadcaster could manage. After that the service is designed mainly for people wanting to broadcast by streaming live and then archive a show to broadcast as a repeat later on the channel.

Your channel will show an ‘Off Air’ screen while you aren’t streaming, and once your episode is being broadcast you can add members to the team to work on it and even allow viewers to comment during the broadcast, with or without moderation. All of this is very like Livestream, the benefit being that VideoLobby feels easier to set up and use with all the video tutorials and links to a Wiki page for extra tips. In fact the Wiki pages are invaluable for anybody interested in broadcasting because they’re so full of information.

It’s not quite so easy to see how to broadcast shows users might already have in their own archives. Other services allow shows to be easily imported from other places including YouTube. All of this might be possible on VideoLobby to make it a complete service for people wanting to set up and run a channel, but an extra video tutorial is needed to explain how to do it, plus easier step-by-step guidance on the menus.


Vzaar – Add Video to Your Website

vzaar_logoVzaar is a finalist in the 2009 Streaming Media European Readers Choice Award in the category of Best Online Video Platform. It offers an easy to use method of adding video to your own website or to other sites such as eBay where it’s a certified application so it’s useful for ecommerce. Websites like vzaar are arriving on the scene in competition with YouTube, and need to have advantages in order to attract users.

The benefits of vzaar are that it’s unbranded, so it looks professional and completely part of the company’s own brand. Unlike YouTube, vzaar has no time limit on uploads. Advanced options include multi-sizes, high definition video, border options and colours, autoplay and the ability to add text, including brand text, and weblinks. The videos are also iPhone compatible.

The basic vzaar service is free for up to 1GB for videos of unlimited duration, and for high definition subscription is $5 per month, rising to $10 for an unbranded version and advanced player settings. Certain YouTube limitations mean these services are in demand and vzaar is gaining popularity quickly. For comparisons with video services springing up it’s worth looking at and


Videojug – Video Tutorials for Life Skills

videojug_logoThis site not only provides answers to your questions in a comprehensive everything-you-need-to-know way, it also does it with videos so that you can sit back and get a demonstration. With more than 60,000 professionally made videos and article guides, along with thousands more contributed by the Videojug community, this is a good place to learn how to do the simple things in life like tie a tie, or how to deal with complicated problems including finance and technology.

Why read the complicated instructions that come with gadgets when it’s possible to watch somebody show how to do it in easy steps? The Q & A page lets you type in your question and up pop all the relevant videos. I asked how to de-clutter my house and how to make a pizza, and I appreciated the clear steps in the recipe along with subtitles which would make the site useful for the hard of hearing.

The videos are divided into topics on the main page menu, including Beauty and Style, Creative and Culture, Family and Education, Food and Drink, Health and Wellbeing, Lifestyle and Home, Love and Dating, Money and Careers, Sports and Outdoors, and Technology and Cars. The Videojug videos are certainly professionally made, and anyone who tries this site is likely to keep coming back for answers and for fun. The serious questions in life are answered, but the most viewed videos also solve those tricky problems like what to do about the trapped arm dilemma when you cuddle in bed, and how to get a date if you’re a nerd.

Members of the Videojug community can post their own videos or articles on their areas of expertise – and everyone will have a skill somebody else needs to learn. The Videojug motto is ‘Get good at life.’


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