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Russia is hemorrhaging $140B a year

Karate-loving President Vladimir Putin is getting slammed by low oil prices and sanctions.


3 Reasons why Customers Make Great Mentors

Looking for mentors? Your customers are the ideal candidates.


9 Challenges Every Successful Entrepreneur Overcomes

No entrepreneur sails easily to success. The great ones overcome many challenges. Here are the biggest obstacles and the expert books to help you surpass them.


The Current State Of The Apple SIM, And Its Possible Future

apple-sim Apple unveiled new gadgets on stage today, but they didn’t discuss one of its most interesting new innovations – the Apple SIM. As detailed earlier by TechCrunch, the new SIM card lets you switch between participating carriers, which include AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint in the U.S., and EE in the U.K. So far, those are the only carriers who have signed on, but Apple is likely… Read More


What to Do When Your Biggest Customer Is Your Worst Nightmare

Tekscape founder Dave Smith explains how he turned a soul-crushing client into a rallying cry for his company.


Hundreds Protest At San Francisco City Hall After Soccer Conflict With Dropbox, Airbnb Employees

playground A week after a video of an argument between a handful of local teenagers and Dropbox and Airbnb employees went viral, hundreds of demonstrators protested at San Francisco City Hall, asking for the city’s parks to be freely open to the public. The city’s parks and recreation general manager acquiesced, dropping the reservation requirement at night for that specific park in the… Read More


2 Things Great Leaders Do When They Give Feedback

Managers give the most useful feedback on the fly, not from a script. But how they deliver it is just as important, says author and professor Bren Brown.


Market panic eases

Talk of more help from the Federal Reserve sparked another dramatic comeback.


Meet America’s youngest female billionaire

Elizabeth Holmes has built a medical services company that’s revolutionizing the blood test.


Fuhu Unveils The World’s Biggest Android Tablet Made For Family Collaboration, Socialization

nabi_Big_Tab_Angle Fuhu, the company that created the nabi tablet for kids, unveiled the 20 and 24 inch nabi Big Tab today to increase collaboration and sharing in the average household. Read More


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