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Lyft’s Logan Green Discusses How to Maintain Your Corporate Culture as You Grow

Here are some tips from a very large company CEO on how to maintain the perfect company culture while growing a hip Silicon Valley startup.


AnyPerk, A Platform For Delivering Perks To Employees, Raises $8.5M In Series A Funding

anyperk_logo In the tech industry at least, it seems like the pressure for companies to provide “perks” to their employees has never been higher. But oftentimes, startups don’t have the ability to provide the same level of perks as larger established corporations do. That’s where AnyPerk, a startup itself, wants to help. AnyPerk, which makes a platform aimed at letting companies of… Read More


Tablet Shipments Fell 12% In Q4 2014, Its First Decline Ever, Says Canalys

tabletkid As phablets become more popular, consumers are waiting longer to upgrade their tablets or eschewing them altogether. As a result, worldwide tablet shipments plunged 12 percent year-over-year to 67 million units in Q4 2014, which research firm Canalys says marks its first ever decline after several quarters of slowing demand. Read More


7 tax-the-rich proposals in Obama’s budget

Read full story for latest details.


Why You May Be Tricking Your Customers Into Leaving a Big Tip

Business owners are embracing new payment technologies to “encourage” customers to tip more than ever before.


Should My Startup Raise Capital Publicly?

Three pros and cons of raising capital online using general solicitation.


Business Gets Personal – A new look for CNNMoney

CNNMoney’s mission is to explain the biggest trends in business and finance and to help our audience achieve their most important goals. That’s what our new design is all about.


Chrome Will Start Blocking All Remaining NPAPI Plugins In January

chrome_pin Starting in January 2015, Google’s Chrome browser will block all old-school Netscape Plug-In API (NPAPI) plugins. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, given that Google started its efforts to remove NPAPI plugins more than a year ago.
Over the last year, Google went from recommending that developers move away from this old architecture to actively blocking almost all NPAPI plugins. Read More


Homescreen Is Betaworks’ Latest Experiment-Turned-Product

Screenshot 2014-11-24 12.21.10 When someone picks up their phone to take a peek, I can’t help but take a peek, too. Whether it’s a perfect stranger on the train or the girl I’ve had a crush on for months, I can’t help but look.
With the latest product out of betaworks, you can take that curiosity to a whole new level. Read More


Timber! Why the rich are buying trees

Forget stocks and bonds, the 1% are buying up land, especially timber plots.


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