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StartPR – See What Social Networks Say About You

startprBusinesses, organisations and individuals can find out what’s being said about them on social networks and blogs using StartPR. For businesses and organisations this provides the kind of information that would prove costly using standard market research methods. With StartPR you can type the name of your brand into search and find out all the mentions of it on the main social networks. As it searches all the Web 2.0 hotspots this also takes in blogs. It can also send alerts and daily digests, all the kinds of information press agencies used to be hired to provide.

I tested it out with brands I work with and also my own name, and the results were thorough and surprising. The problem with the main social networks is that there’s too much information to read through, but this kind of search highlights what the buzz is about a brand. For people who have a public presence it helps to see how they are being received, and if they are being written about and promoted.

Basic membership is free, and each search gives a title or whole tweet, together with links to the whole articles. Free accounts allow two projects, 2 users and 256MB of storage space. This could be enough to keep track of one or two activities. Professional accounts start at $19 per month.


RankingTheBrands – Rates the Strength of Brands

rankthebrandsThis is a comprehensive set of worldwide rankings for brands to let users see the position of their own brand or to check the ratings for brands in particular areas of interest, such as specific industries. Quick methods display the top 100 brands and historical information is available as far back as 2006 to make the data more meaningful. It’s interesting to click on each year and see the difference in the top 10 brands.

Brand rankings are available on other websites, but this one attempts to bring together information from all of these sources. It’s possible to submit rankings for brands and include rankings for brands that aren’t on the website if this has been published elsewhere and isn’t yet included on RankingTheBrands.

The information can then be sorted and displayed in different ways. Whereas Google, Microsoft and Starbucks are currently the top three brands, a separate ‘CoolBrands’ rating has iPhone, Aston Martin and Apple in prime position. Other ways of selecting are: Fastest-Growing Companies, Best Global Brands, and Top 10 World’s Most Valuable Mobile Telecoms Brands.

A simple top 10 doesn’t tell the full story so a search can be done according to a variety of factors such as advertising, customer satisfaction, brand performance, brand popularity and brand value. Branding is a key factor in the success of a company so this kind of data is invaluable to businesses, and also provides useful information to customers. There’s a full listing of brands available via Search which also links to the individual websites. Additional links to articles on successful branding could add to this well put together and researched resource.


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