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Trivlike – Trivia Quiz and Friendship Site

The exciting thing about Trivlike is that it quizzes you with a tight time limit on each question and you have to make your choice of answer rapidly. There’s just about time to read the question and the multiple choices before you have to click, and the time slider is going down quickly. To start you need to sign up with your Facebook account and then it asks a few more questions – for example you can choose a different screen name – and then you can try your first set of 20 daily questions.

The questions are tricky, especially as there’s an American focus to them. Once you start taking the quizzes you can move on to a second feature of the site, and this is where I would have liked it to be slightly different. Before logging on I hadn’t realised the quizzes would also be used to help find good matches with like-minded people for dating and friendship. This is a fairly standard option on other social networks, if you want to use it, but I would have preferred a more clear option for those of us who would only want the site for the trivia quizzes and perhaps to chat to others who enjoy them.

This could be achieved by tweaks to the design, which at the moment seems to hint more towards it being a dating site. It could be both, and a quiz and friendship site with a dating option might be the better way round to go – I wouldn’t have logged in if I had thought it was a site with questions to help find a partner. Some people would like it as a dating site so it all needs to be made more clear and easy for people to opt for dating or just quizzes with or without chat.


Leftos – Improves Communication Between Couples

Logo FinalLeftos stands for LEssons For The Opposite Sex and describes itself as a free service to open up communication between men and women. Although there are many dating and relationship advice websites, this one does seem as if it could help men and women gain an understanding of each other by letting members ask the questions most on their mind and get responses from men and women. The participants stay anonymous so the questions and answers are particularly open and revealing. Anything that helps men and women understand each other better has got to be a good thing as we never quite manage it!

Leftos also provides advice on a range of topics under the tags Single, Dating, Sex, Relationships, Marriage, and Divorce. On each of these pages the expert advice is combined with the opportunity to ask any question and get the opinions and tips of other members. Looking through the questions asked it’s hard to imagine a subject that isn’t covered.

Are men put off by weight on women? How do you approach the most attractive person at an event? Would you date an obese person? Should you talk during sex? What do you do about adultery and do you mind if your partner has friends of the opposite sex? Is a trial separation worthwhile before going for a divorce? These are some of the questions, and I think I came up with one of my own that wasn’t on there. I get the feeling that whatever it is you’d like to know about how the other half thinks about relationships you could get the answer here. I found the answers sensitive and often surprising. My question is why this is about heterosexual relationships only – perhaps a missed opportunity, or is the idea that it’s to help users understand how the opposite sex thinks?


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