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JoTForm – Online WYSIWYG Form Builder

JotForm Logo Today we had an interesting submission which can make life easier for a lot of people from novices to professionals. We all use forms on our websites to collect information about things like feedback, contact, polls etc. Creating forms is a hassle and sometimes the submission process can be a pain. JotForm is a solution for embedding a professionally designed form quickly and easily into your web pages.

The application is very user-friendly. A WYSIWYG interface is provided and creation of the form is as simple as dragging and dropping your required elements on the canvas. A little tweaking is all it takes to make the form look exactly the way you want and then you can give an email address where all the responses will be emailed. The generated code can then be used on your web page and bingo! you are good to go.

The service is free if your submissions are up to 100 per month. There are subscription plans available for the heavy traffic users.

What they say about themselves

JotForm is a web based WYSIWYG web form builder. You can drag and drop fields into your form visually. Create your form, and use the widget code provided to post it in your web site. Create contact forms, feedback forms, surveys, event registration forms, jot application forms, facebook forms and file upload forms. JotForm is free upto 100 submissions per month. If you will receive a lot of submissions, a Premium version is available at an affordable price.

Why it could be a success

A great resource especially for beginner web masters giving them the opportunity to create forms on-the-fly. They already have some pretty big shot clients which show you the potential and power of such a service.


ecoder – Open-source online editing made easy

Logo With the popularity of open-source software growing every day, many open-source editors have hit the market. But they are usually downloadable and need to be installed locally. ECoder is a little different (well to be honest, it can be downloaded too).

With ecoder you have the editor embedded right in your web browser. There are no special requirements for the GUI editor. No registration is required and you are presented with a clean interface where you can code in many languages and check the syntax. Documents can be saved online using the directory space provided.

The website is in beta and will surely be a useful resource for that quick editing checks programmers can make from anywhere.


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