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Any Canvas – On the fly drawing

Logo How many times have you wished during a chat session to share a quick drawing with the person on the other end? The solution is normally to open paint, draw, save, email each time and frankly that is tiresome.

This cool web application allows you to quickly draw what you have in mind and then save it. The URL of the saved drawing can then be distributed to your friends or colleagues for their input and feedback. You have the option to upload an image and work on it or you can even use an online image as a canvas. All of this is done through your browser, very handy.

A nifty app, I’ll be using it.


Zajet – What are you sharing today?

Logo I recently had to share some documents with friends. The problem was that the online sharing websites had little to offer with what we had to do and that was sharing/blogging/editing/versioning at the same time.  And then I found, which made the whole thing simple and fun.

This website allows you to share almost anything you want (the file size is limited though, only 2 MB per file which is really a shame; make it at least 5 guys!). You are given your own page when you sign up and then in that page you can blog/post articles/share files etc. A nifty little feature is that your own widgets can be added to your page.


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