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TopStockTweets – Stock Market Info Via Twitter

The days when you needed to be an expert to understand the mysteries of the stock market are over. Websites are available to let anybody have a go, and one of the latest is TopStockTweets which uses realtime updates from Twitter to help you get informed and involved. At a quick glance this type of site can also look confusing as it takes all Tweets relevant to the stock market to gather them on one website and sort them into usable information. It’s worth persevering as it does soon all make sense.

The home page shows all relevant Tweets appearing realtime, while a second list shows the day’s most tweeted stock symbols. You can also search for specific stock to get information, or go to pages to see the top traders and all of their tweets. There are also pages that show the main tags being used to identify important stock and trends, and another page lists the main URLs being tweeted.

This kind of use of Twitter can be very successful. Using hashtags to draw attention to the keywords in your tweets, and the @ symbol to communicate with others on TopStockTweets soon creates a community working together and passing information quickly and efficiently. Retweeting information from others in the TopStockTweets community adds to this system, and I’ve used similar Twitter related websites so I know how well this can all work. Well worth a go if you’re interested in the stock market either as an expert or as somebody who wants to get involved and learn from others.


Trefis – Understand Stock Prices

trefis-comTrefis helps users understand how a company’s products affect it’s stock price, so it’s useful for analysts and anybody else interested in stocks and shares. The Trefis team consists of engineers and former Wall Street professionals, according to the website description, and they build a model for each company’s stock price.

For each company you can quickly see the main products and how important they are in the company’s stock valuation – each product represents a percentage of the total. Users can look at forecasts and play with this by adding in their own assumptions, and it’s also possible to consult with the experts.

This is a popular activity and one that could benefit from easy explanation to demystify how the stock market works. Trefis has been reviewed by major national newspapers and looks interesting, so the free trial period should be worth a go.


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