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Topsy – What’s hot today?

logo Whether you are trying to locate what other think about the latest fashion trends or you are looking for features of the latest software, what is the best way? You look for tweets, blogs, diggs and a plethora of other communities where people like you post reviews and opinion about these trends and technologies. So where does Topsy come in?

Topsy allows you to search through its database based on terms you provide. This is not you average day search engine. It gives you results based on ideas rather than documents. The trackback feature allows you to see what has been said on your search topic before.


Famous Tweeters – Celebrity Tweeters

Logo So you want to find out whether the celebrity you love tweets or not? You want not only their current but all the past tweets they have posted. Well head over to

The site keeps track of stars, sports personalities, politicians and well known figures who tweet. The interface is extremely easy and fun to use. Check if your star is listed and clicking on the name will get you their messages. And if you have a Tweeter account you can even post replies to them.


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