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Fuel My Ride – Cashback Gas Card Scheme

fuelmyrideFuel My Ride invites advertisers to promote their goods and services with a cashback scheme on the website, and offers customers gas/petrol cards when they redeem the cashback code for their shopping. The aim is to provide an approach to advertising that is more cost effective than pay-per-click. With this method, pay-per-redemption, the advertiser only pays 10% of any sales actually generated so that Fuel My Ride only earns if the adverts lead to sales.

Advertisers create their own advert on Fuel My Ride, offering a cash reward and also uploading pictures if required. Each advert is allocated a unique code so that when customers buy they are given this code which they can redeem as a gas/petrol voucher. Pay-per-click not based on actual sales can be expensive if it doesn’t bring a return, so this pay-per-redemption approach is appealing, although the use of gas/petrol vouchers may complicate it and perhaps limit it to the US market. Customers might, however, be attracted by the vouchers as most people drive and it does give the site the appealing Fuel My Ride name. The website needs some rewriting as the idea is simple but comes across as a bit complicated due to the way the service is described.


Fuel My Ride – Cashback Gas Card Scheme
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