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WinWinBooks – Buy and Sell Books by Auction

This is a very new site which allows buyers and sellers to use the auction approach to negotiate a price to trade books. It can be used by private individuals and businesses alike. Although it’s very new it had a good number of users online and auctions in progress when I took a look so it seems to be starting off well.

The name is taken from the popular phrase ‘a win win situation’, with the idea being that the ability to negotiate a price helps a sale to progress. The site uses similar techniques to eBay to let you register and list an item for auction, while buyers can use similar search techniques to Amazon to find books by author, title, ISBN number and more.
Books are also listed under categories and genres, so it’s specifically for book buyers and sellers in a way eBay isn’t, and the ability to negotiate price makes it different from the other major online booksellers. A good idea and it will be interesting to see if it catches on.


WinWinBooks – Buy and Sell Books by Auction
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