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Success Talk with Mashable’s Founder Pete Cashmore

It is often facinating to learn about successful entrepreneurs. The more we learn about them the more we have the urge to ask the important question and that is what special talents and self deciplines they possess that enabled them to overcome challeges and succeed? Most often enterpenours share their special secretes and also give valuable advice to startup founders to help them succeed. In an atricle written in the (Entrepreneur Magazine) Mashable’s Pete Cashmore talked about some personal traits that helped him overcome obstacles and trun his love for the internet into fortune and success. He founded Mashable at age 19 when he decided to start a technology blog for mainstream audience.

Hard work and persistence produced success and (Mashable) trun out to be a great hit. It is a leading technolgy webiste with 44 employees and offices in Los Angles and New York; Furthormore Mashaable is a website that bring in over 12.5 million monthly visitors.

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Success Talk with Mashable’s Founder Pete Cashmore
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