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myBantu – Free Personal Assistant

myBantu Logo myBantu is a recent addition to the long line of websites following the Facebook/Twitter idea. The website allows people to get opinions, recommendations and feedback on different things like local restaurants and movies to watch.

You can get opinions from your friends or colleagues about a particular interest and then you can shout your own experience just like in other social networking websites. If you are unsure, you can let myBantu to make some recommendations based on your tastes and preferences. A personal organizer to let you schedule your daily tasks is available with every account.

What they say about themselves

We are Glomantra Inc., a silicon valley, California based startup revolutionizing the way you manage your daily life. Our product myBantu is a free online personal assistant. myBantu, the virtual assistant, takes care of users’ needs, gets them relevant recommendations, opinions, and plenty of other great options with the sole intent of making their life easier, simpler and adding a dash of fun in it!

Why it could be a success

Well, maybe, for someone looking for a quick recommendation, the website does offer some fresh content but to be honest, with the host of websites giving similar services, myBantu faces a serious challenge. They will have to include some more original applications to entice users to avail their services.


FameHog – Showcase Your Talents

FameHog Logo The entertainment industry provides employment to a host of professional needed for making any sort of presentation possible. People usually see only the presenters like actors, directors, editors and musicians etc. Few, if any, know about the people who work to make all this possible in the background.

I am talking about the people who work day and night during the projects durations like agents, engineers, designers, makeup and hair professionals and stuntmen. They rarely get the exposure they deserve to show the world what they are capable of. Well, FameHog is just the place for such people.

FameHog provides these professionals with the opportunity and tools to present their creations for everyone to see. Besides being a social networking site, the place provides audio and video player, news service and even email facilities. An easy to use content management system allows for professional looking profiles and resumes.

What they say about themselves

The vast majority of film & TV professionals don’t have management. These are the set designers, animators, makeup artists, sound engineers, etc. To date these professionals have had limited options to promote, market and manager their careers. FameHog levels the playing field and digitizes this distribution model, eliminating the need for printed headshots, portfolios and messengers.

Why it could be a success

People need to know how much work goes into making a TV or film production possible and how many people make it so. Everyone should get the exposure they deserve for their creative talents. FameHog may inspire others to follow these professionals by providing them the platform to get together and discuss ideas. I believe the website could benefit by launching a marketplace for people to monetize their talents.


B00mbox – Collaborative Playlist Management

B00mbox Logo
You must have seen video playlists by different users on YouTube. Now you can make it even better by asking other people to contribute and build a playlist with input from your friends, colleagues and loved ones. B00mbox, a free service, lets users achieve this without hassle, quickly and comfortably.

B00mbox lets users pick different YouTube videos, add them through a web interface to the collection and finally use this collection as a playlist by flipping through different slides. There are some already nice collections like top songs of 2010 and beautiful travel destinations open for input. Sadly there is no option to delete the video from the slideshow through B00mbox interface.

B00mbox is powered by slidebomb and each collection is hosted there.

What they say about themselves

B00mbox is great because it lets people work together to make something. If we find a way to turn this exposure into dollars we got a hit.

Why it could be a success

Asking others about their opinions on a certain subject is a way to add diversity. If you are trying to find something, searching for it yourself may take a long time, whereas if you ask other people to chip in, you will quickly get the desired results. The service can be used for fun, education or quick surveys.


Twt140 – The world of Apps for Twitter

Social networking is all the rage especially among the teen demographic so it should come as no surprise that many sites specializing in enhancing the social networking experience would soon make their appearance. One such site is twt140 and it focuses exclusively on the Twitter network and its users, providing them with 20 fun filled Twitter applications that can make their personal tweeting space more fun and exciting.

Consummate Tweeter users will certainly appreciate these applications and the whole idea as twt140 began as the brainchild of several enthusiastic Twitter users. In fact the whole project is definitely aimed and dedicated to the worldwide Twitter community. Every Tweeter lover is bound to take an instant liking to the applications and recommend them to their fellows in the community.

While the general idea behind the site was to make the tweeting experience simpler and more fun filled, the applications themselves are really useful and fun. For example, Twetly allows its user to start a poll or a discussion with their friends and followers on Twitter while Twittlimg lets its users share photos and images along with their description with greater ease.

If you or your friends of family use Twitter, visiting twt140 is a must-have. The applications there will certainly enhance your Twitter experience and make it that much more fun filled.

Share – Free Phonecalls With Your Twitter Account

We’ve reviewed quite a few Twitter apps but it’s not often that we come across something really quite ingenious. Twit2Tel allows any Twitter user to create their own free voicemail account and make free calls to anyone. The system seems very polished, users can sign in using their Twitter or Linkedin accounts, it might be interesting to add Facebook Connect to that list too.

A very smart and logical mashup of Twitter, we’ve already received our first voicemail to @startupwizz and can see Twit2Tel being useful for Twitter users with large follower lists. We receive far too many direct messages to ever keep track of on Twitter, but a Twit2Tel voicemail message would never be ignored.


TheCityGuide – Making India Accessible

The City Guide is a recently launched website by ITLaddu, an Indian based firm. If you are a tourist planning to visit a city in India and you want to know where the bars and hotels are, places of interest, restaurants etc, this resource can help and save a lot of your time and money.

All the major cities of India are listed. The interface is simple. Either pick a city of your choice and get all the necessary information like restaurants, bars, hotels, saloons, landmarks, hospitals etc located in it or search for your favorite place. The site also provides a social networking service where you can make profiles to share with the world.

The site can benefit a lot if they open some kind of tourism packages for the people looking to take a vacation. This way they can monetize their presence on the Internet and will help people to get good travel deals.


Gloveler – Find Accommodation Across the World Gloveler is a site offering rental estate services to people around the world. The service is free for both the travelers and hosts in the way that the owners can advertise their accommodations and prospective customers can search and rent the same.

The owners can post ads detailing all the facilities and perks which would be expected by a customer. There are no up front charges for posting ads. The site works on a commission basis of 10 percent which will be collected once a booking is made by a customer. Once a booking is made, the contact details are released and the parties can contact each other directly.

The site uses a secure payment system like paypal which allows the funds to be transferred to the owners in an efficient, fast and secure way. This could well be the next big idea in the travel industry.

Share – Community Portal A resource which could become indispensable if you are in the great state of Missouri or are planning a visit there. This community portal offers a smorgesboard of services like ads, information and email.

As soon as I opened the site, I found a wealth of information which included business ads, travel information, weather reports and even lottery and carrier information. The email service caught my eye and I checked it out to find that they offer around 500 MB space with a account.

The classified section is free and sellers can put anything under the sky up for sale. Let’s see if this site is able to monetize their presence by offering services to the local community and make itself a one-stop-shop on the Internet for Missouri citizens.


Raylit – Internet Edutainment for Kids

Logo Some sites Internet claim to be totally kid safe, very few actually make it there. We found Raylit to be one of the better ones, making learning, education and games fun activities for the kids.

The site has all the content which you need when you are rearing a child. Coloring books, puzzles, handwriting improvement worksheets, cartoons, educational videos and games. The website also provides a section for the parents which allows them to keep track of their child’s activities and check their progress reports. The website is certified to be child safe so you can let your child browse it without any reservations or worries.


Parkr – Amusement Park Reviews

Logo A useful site allowing you to view parks around the world, read reviews about them posted by people and helping you decide whether a park would be a good place to visit with your family or friends.

The main page displays a Google map which you can use to pin a location that you have visited and write a review about. The usual search options for parks around the world are also available.

The web site is in beta. Check it out and submit your suggestions so that they can improve the service.


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