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FameHog – Showcase Your Talents

FameHog Logo The entertainment industry provides employment to a host of professional needed for making any sort of presentation possible. People usually see only the presenters like actors, directors, editors and musicians etc. Few, if any, know about the people who work to make all this possible in the background.

I am talking about the people who work day and night during the projects durations like agents, engineers, designers, makeup and hair professionals and stuntmen. They rarely get the exposure they deserve to show the world what they are capable of. Well, FameHog is just the place for such people.

FameHog provides these professionals with the opportunity and tools to present their creations for everyone to see. Besides being a social networking site, the place provides audio and video player, news service and even email facilities. An easy to use content management system allows for professional looking profiles and resumes.

What they say about themselves

The vast majority of film & TV professionals don’t have management. These are the set designers, animators, makeup artists, sound engineers, etc. To date these professionals have had limited options to promote, market and manager their careers. FameHog levels the playing field and digitizes this distribution model, eliminating the need for printed headshots, portfolios and messengers.

Why it could be a success

People need to know how much work goes into making a TV or film production possible and how many people make it so. Everyone should get the exposure they deserve for their creative talents. FameHog may inspire others to follow these professionals by providing them the platform to get together and discuss ideas. I believe the website could benefit by launching a marketplace for people to monetize their talents.


B00mbox – Collaborative Playlist Management

B00mbox Logo
You must have seen video playlists by different users on YouTube. Now you can make it even better by asking other people to contribute and build a playlist with input from your friends, colleagues and loved ones. B00mbox, a free service, lets users achieve this without hassle, quickly and comfortably.

B00mbox lets users pick different YouTube videos, add them through a web interface to the collection and finally use this collection as a playlist by flipping through different slides. There are some already nice collections like top songs of 2010 and beautiful travel destinations open for input. Sadly there is no option to delete the video from the slideshow through B00mbox interface.

B00mbox is powered by slidebomb and each collection is hosted there.

What they say about themselves

B00mbox is great because it lets people work together to make something. If we find a way to turn this exposure into dollars we got a hit.

Why it could be a success

Asking others about their opinions on a certain subject is a way to add diversity. If you are trying to find something, searching for it yourself may take a long time, whereas if you ask other people to chip in, you will quickly get the desired results. The service can be used for fun, education or quick surveys.


Virtual Piano – Play Piano Online

This is an irresistible website if you enjoy playing musical instruments – whether or not you have any real ability. Virtual Piano presents you with a keyboard on screen which you can play in two ways. Either you can click on the keys with your mouse or you can use your keyboard where the letters correspond to the white keys and Shift lets you play the black keys. You soon get used to finding the keys on the keyboard as they go in sequence, but it won’t help you actually learn to play a real piano keyboard.

The site is still being developed and at the moment it can be used for fun, or to play tunes and have them recorded for you. Future developments include the ability to print out music, which would be useful. Virtual Piano also has some music available using the alphabet so you can type the tune into your keyboard – so you can play even if you have no training at all! There’s a Virtual Piano Facebook group for more information and so that you can hear what other users have created using this quirky technique.


Songkick – Live Music Concert Database

1420v2-max-250x250Songkick claims to be the biggest concert database in the world with information on more than a million past and future events. It combines a simple method of finding where your favourite musicians are playing with an invitation to join the Songkick community and share your experience of music with other fans. Wherever your favourite musicians are playing live you can find them by typing in their name for a list of international gigs.

There’s no need to be a member to get information on upcoming concerts, but those who join can also fill in details of gigs they’ve been to in the past. Other members can click ‘I was there’ and the database turns into a social network where participants can share photos, videos and reviews of each event. For future concerts members can click ‘I’m going’ and see how many other Songkickers will be there, so they could find a group of friends to go with.

Songkick’s extra features help members to track the music they like with calendar alerts for artists, venues and festivals. They can also see which of their friends are going to a concert and get together. There’s a Songkick plug-in to import up to 50 favourite artists, and once members choose a concert it’s possible to find the best value tickets via a ticket aggregator using the inventory from 29 different ticket vendors.

This is an attractive and easy-to-use site that also provides networking for members and seems to be attempting to provide all the features its target audience would require. Not much wonder it’s already proving one of the most successful London startups. I couldn’t fault it and teenagers using it should already be aware of the caution needed in meeting up with online friends at events like this.


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