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Social Networks width= is a startup that put the power of all social media in one location. The idea behind this startup is to enable users to have one profile on that interconnect with all their social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and so on. Social media became a very powerful tool for any business to succeed. Many businesses rely on social media to connect with their clients and customers. Businesses can create a simple profile on and the website will pull all the information from their pages on Facebook, twitter and the other 34 most popular social media websites.

Instead of having to list all pages on social media websites for clients. One simple profile and one web address on will replace the long list of web addresses on the other social media websites. Many businesses can replace the term “find us on Facebook, Twitter,etc,,” with only the term “find us on”. It is hard to keep track with all login information for each page on social media websites. This startup makes it possible for social media users to have one login profile for all their social media profiles.

This startup gained initial success and the attention of thousands of users because it introduced a nice and a cool idea that made social media experience simple and fun. Founder and entrepreneur Ron Rule is planning to make this startup the hub for the social media revolution on the web.

Share is a great website to track records of family ancestors. This website accumulated a large database of people’s records, names and birth places to make it easy for any one to look up and learn about their roots and where they come from. Enhanced search methods and intelligent data mining software made it possible for users to get the search result fast and accurate. If you like to know where you come from or where your family originally migrated from any part of the world, you can use this site to trace that. Moreover it is a cool service to build a family tree and share it with family and friends. Thanks to the power of the internet, family search has become very fast, easy and fun.


Quirky – Social Product Development

QuirkyQuirky is the place you can post your inventive ideas and where, with a bit of luck, will see them come true, with a bit of financial benefit. Quirky follows social inventive product development meaning that your ideas will be seen by others and voted to be good or not. You might even have the opportunity to have your product produced and offered for sale. But the number of products that are manufactured are smaller than the actual number of posts, because, unfortunately not all the products are being manufactured, as the budget is limited and only the best ideas and most productive get actual results and who users have voted more. You might even get the possibility for your invention to be sold by big retailers such as Amazon or OfficeMax.

Subscription of an idea costs $10, but you will get a profit from any unit that has been produced and sold and the more items sold, the bigger the profits. And if you are not so much of an inventor, you can just visit the site for a great invention which will just simplify your life.


Dather – Social Media Marketing Application for Events

DatherDather is the site that will help you to build up a multimedia scrapbook which you can use for different purposes. Just take the following scenery. Take that you had to organize an event and you have worked for weeks on end to prepare it. It is most natural that you want to keep the event in attendees’ minds for as long as possible. And with the aid of Dather you will be able to do exactly that. You will be able to maintain a multimedia scrapbook of the event with chronological posts from start to finish which attendees as well as the public can access.

You can upload photos and videos and people can also discuss their opinions regarding different aspects from the event, from the food served to the funniest dance. Everyone can comment and reminiscence about the event. And if the event will be held on a regular basis, then with Dather you will be able to get one of the best advertisements ever. You can use Dather in three simple ways: with an embedding widget in the site, a Facebook app or a built-in micro site.


PopSafari – Photo Communities Just For You

PopSafariWith PopSafari you will be able to share your photographs with the world and together with other users you will be able to create an extensive Safari on different subjects about the world. The concept of the site is quite simple. You simply create an account and post the photos that you desire on the site under thematic photo albums called safaris. The subjects can vary on whatever you desire from your trip to Paris to vegetables. It just has to be a picture or better off pictures that you enjoy of things that you like.  Or you can upload images which you have found on the internet and which are relevant for your Safari.

Plus the PopSafari is a collaborative site, meaning that other users will be able to add their own images to your Safari if they have images that are relevant. In fact this is the main purpose of the site: to create a worldwide album on different themes, albums which can be seen and enjoyed by all.

PopSafari desires to be an online photo gallery where you can delight yourself with images on different subjects and different perspectives around the world.


Airsee – Enjoy Live Video Broadcasts

AirseeWith the new Airsee website you will be able to enjoy free live video broadcast and group chat. With the aid of Airsee you will no longer need to buy the overcharged services of broadcasting live video. With Airsee any person or business can communicate in real time without any problems and all completely free. Plus it is quite easy to communicate with the person you desire as each member can be identified by a simple URL. And with this approach, the quality of the broadcast is significantly higher.

It is true that there are other live video chat options which are without cost, such as Skype, but the problem is that those services are more socially oriented. With Airsee you will be able to easily and safely communicate with non-friends through live video streaming, without any hindrance or personal note. With the help of Airsee you will be able to enjoy easy and stable mass communication through live broadcast.

With Airsee you will be able to enjoy live broadcasting and video chatting without any costs in a safe manner.


Swabr – Enterprise Microblogging Made in Germany

SwabrSwabr offers you a new concept, enterprise microblogging under the highest quality of German products. If you did not know, swabr means in German black board 2.0. Swabr offers company members the chance to communicate in real time. If you want to picture it more accurately simply think of a blackboard on which everyone in the company writes what he/she thinks of a certain problem and a possible solution. Now the black board becomes digital.

It is like the entire company has its own shared blog, a microblog and thus the concept of microblogging. The new Swabr microblogging concept will offer you the key to improving your social-enterprise.  There will no longer be problems regarding time difference in communication between employees. With Swarb, everyone will be able to communicate with the people he/she needs in real-time.

As for quality, what can be said more than “Made in Germany”? Swabr offers you the highest level of quality in social-media software, you will be able to input the social media concept without any software errors and the employees will be able to use it efficiently, as it is quite easy to follow in design and concept.


iTweetLive – Twitter Branding

itweetlive Logo A lot of businesses are using Twitter service to reach out to their clients. Twitter helps to connect people quickly and without any exaggerated costs. iTweetLive is a recent addition to the long line of application enhancing the Twitter experience for the user.

The application lets you search potential clients through keywords. Those who are matched to your specific business model can then be reached via personal or group messaging facilities. Using promotional advertisements, news and event announcements, a business can access the market easily while keeping the costs to a minimum.

Another interesting feature is the RSS feed which can be used to send tweets periodically to a predefined list of subscribers. In addition to this, real time monitoring of every activity makes this a nice resource.

What they say about themselves

iTweetLive is a Twitter management tool, created to maximize engagement with your targeted audience and increase brand exposure through personal, mass, real time conversations. Use iTweetLive to talk with a mass of people in a personal way . Talk to groups of people with a click while keeping it personal and fun.

Why it could be a success

Whether you are aiming for personal communication or reaching out to a group of clients, iTweetLive can help you in managing all your informal client communication needs. Using a per client charge, businesses can economize, budget and analyze all the costs in real time.


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