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StorageRoomApp – Online Data Stores

Storageroomapp Logo

If you are a mobile application developer looking to manage and access data from a central repository, StorageRoom may be the solution you are looking for. Essentially an online data store for your content, the website provides tools to define, manage, update and access the content using mobile devices. The advantage is the ease of access plus a stable platform for all your data needs.

The process starts by you defining a collection which can be thought of as a database and then allowing editors to fill in the content using forms. Once populated, the data can be accessed using JSON APIs provided by the website. Data can be accessed using any platform like iPhone, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone 7. We must warn you that this service is designed for the market and professionals rather than a general audience.

Starting from $12 and going up to $99 per month, the service can be used for professionals and organizations. There is even a free plan although it is severely restricted.

What they say about themselves

StorageRoom is a flexible cloud-based CMS for the data in your Mobile Applications. Let editors work on content and query our API from your applications.

Why it could be a success

A lot of organizations are looking at mobile solutions for their computing needs. Rather than housing servers at their local offices, businesses can use services like StorageRoom to host the data and give their employees and clients access to this through custom applications.


Seembee – Personal Document Management

Seembee Logo Access to information anywhere, anytime is vital in business. We all know that keeping paper documents is cumbersome and difficult to file and retrieve. The solution is electronic archival and retrieval systems. These systems can be used to store huge amount of information at a relatively low cost and the data can be saved virtually at any place around the world. The problem is people still rely on paper most of the time. So the question about how to easily convert these to electronic format.

Take an example where you need to file some documents relatively quickly and on the move like a store receipt. Seembe is an iPhone application which provides you with the ability to take snapshots of a document, give it a title, assign tags for easy searching and add notes to it for recollection. This document can then be uploaded to your account for access at the office or home at a later time.

The application is free and the subscription charges are nominal. This application is an example where an occasional document needs to be filed electronically. For bulk volume, you have to look elsewhere.

What they say about themselves

We are offering an online personal archiving system, accessible anytime and anywhere. The smartphone is used as a front-end, for acquiring data and for quick viewing. The web environment provides extended capabilities for processing and manipulating the stored data. Fast, efficient and user friendly.

Why it could be a success

The facility to store any document electronically from a picture to a menu card or a classroom note, Seembee provides an easy to use interface packed with some powerful features. Its a pity that the application is targeted only for iPhone, and can use an expansion to other platforms as well.


peggsit – Quick Job Market

Logo If you are looking for a quick way to find someone to do a job for you or you are looking for small work opportunities and you live in the California Bay Area, peggsit may be able to help you. A service similar to Craigslist, it aims to bring together employers and workers in the area for the mutual benefit for everyone.

The process is simple. Employers post their jobs along with the estimated budget in the listing and the workers can browse the listing to find the jobs which suit their specialty. Both parties can then correspond online to finalize the requirements. There are no fees involved and job posters are required to pay the applicant on the day the job is completed.

What they say about themselves

Ever wish you could hire someone to assemble your IKEA furniture? Do you want to earn $50 cutting the neighbor’s lawn? connects individuals and small businesses needing short-term help with local people willing and able to get the job done.

Why it could be a success

By giving the community a chance to help itself out by putting employers and workers in contact through a simple application, peggsit can soon become the next outsourcing portal for Bay Area. What they need is to expand their service to other cities to maximize the interaction and possibly incorporate a payment procedure to ensure the fairness of the process.


Knowledge Notebook – Making Learning Fun

Knowledge Notebook Logo Have you ever wondered about the best medium and technique there is for people to learn? I think when presented with visual data, I seem to focus more and learn a concept easily and quickly rather than reading it in text format. No wonder professors prefer the use of presentation slides in the lectures these days. Students too, take notes in classes which usually result in a lot of cluttered ideas and they are usually a headache to sort out and review.

Several software applications are available which help to organize and file the notes so that they can be of use later. We are going to talk about Knowledge Notebook. This software lets you take notes like you would in any word processor application. The notes can be filed using multiple tags. Now this alone would not make it stand out from the crowd.

What makes Knowledge Notebook great is the ability to make connections between different notes either using a visual or a textual approach. Helping you organize your notes into different categories, allowing you to create flash cards for quick memorization of ideas and examining and grading your learning by taking quick assessment tests makes it a truly unique application.

The price tag is $38, which in my opinion is a little high, specially for students on scholarships and lower financial status. Maybe they should incorporate some kind of support for these students as well.

What they say about themselves

A software that accelerates student learning. The starting point or the focus is on learning instead of the activity of note-taking. For business people and journalists the application is simply for note-taking.

Why it could be a success

Easy to use and can help in the final days leading to the exams by presenting a clean, summarized and comprehensive review material. Overall a solid application although I am not too enthusiastic about the price.


iTweetLive – Twitter Branding

itweetlive Logo A lot of businesses are using Twitter service to reach out to their clients. Twitter helps to connect people quickly and without any exaggerated costs. iTweetLive is a recent addition to the long line of application enhancing the Twitter experience for the user.

The application lets you search potential clients through keywords. Those who are matched to your specific business model can then be reached via personal or group messaging facilities. Using promotional advertisements, news and event announcements, a business can access the market easily while keeping the costs to a minimum.

Another interesting feature is the RSS feed which can be used to send tweets periodically to a predefined list of subscribers. In addition to this, real time monitoring of every activity makes this a nice resource.

What they say about themselves

iTweetLive is a Twitter management tool, created to maximize engagement with your targeted audience and increase brand exposure through personal, mass, real time conversations. Use iTweetLive to talk with a mass of people in a personal way . Talk to groups of people with a click while keeping it personal and fun.

Why it could be a success

Whether you are aiming for personal communication or reaching out to a group of clients, iTweetLive can help you in managing all your informal client communication needs. Using a per client charge, businesses can economize, budget and analyze all the costs in real time.


Let’s Gift It – Group Gifting Made Easy

letsgiftit Logo Let’s Gift It is a relatively new website launched back in December 2010. It implements a simple business model giving users the opportunity to send gifts to other people. You may be wondering how this is different from other gift services. Well, it is, because it allows the gifts to be sent as a group.

The process is simple. All you need is a free account to start the process. Then it is up to you to choose an appropriate gift and send out invites to your friends or colleagues directly or via social networking websites like Facebook. Users can then visit the link and chip in with whatever amount they like. The contributions are anonymous as far as the recipient is concerned although the organizer can see this information. Everything from packaging to shipping is then taken care of automatically through the service interface.

Let’s Gift It uses Authorize as the payment processing system. The service also provides APIs for merchants to incorporate this functionality in their websites.

What they say about themselves

We help people buy and gift as a group. Lets Gift It is innovating in social commerce and gifting. We are one of the best social media apps enabling retailers and wish lists by providing a technology solution for social buying in electronic commerce. E-business and online merchandising sites are using social media campaigns to reach and engage with groups of buyers. Let’s Gift It taps into social networks to provide our e-Commerce partners with an alternative payment solution by deploying our SaaS group gift technology.

Why it could be a success

Simply put, small contributions pooled together can be used to buy something nice for a person you care about. Instead of individual gifts, people can use group gifting to buy something big and relatively expensive like iPod or a PS3.


F-Shot – Webpage snapshots as easy as 1-2-3

F-Shot Logo How many times have you wanted to quick save a page during browsing to study later. I know I have, a million times. If I am working on my own system, this is not a problem as I can use a browser add-on, but this is really a pain when working on other computers especially at public places. Now here is a website which serves only one purpose and provides a solution.

F-Shot allows a user to take a snapshot of the page through a bookmark button. The entire contents of the page are then uploaded, when the button is pressed, to the f-shot website and a random link is generated which can be accessed from anywhere. Password protected websites and even dynamic pages can be accessed later on as if they were saved in the local storage.

What they say about themselves

A system to save pages previously found through Google searches. It is not so easy even with well organized bookmarks system. You can save protected webpages as well, share them with friends and search in content of saved webpages.

Why it could be a success

Simple and quick, no setup needed and everyone can use it freely. Be careful of one thing though, if the page contains personal information or something which you want to keep private, it too will be uploaded. Apart from this, a nifty idea indeed.


TweetPort – Tweets to your Inbox

TweetPort Logo Who doesn’t tweet these days? Celebrities, sport personalities, politicians, friends and family all love to share their updates. And it can be overwhelming sometimes with the huge amount of messages. And what if you don’t check your account. You may end up missing something important. TweetPort now offers the solution.

This new service takes all your tweets and package them in an email to be sent to the address of your choice. A Twitter application, which only needs access to your account and the option to send the email daily, weekly or monthly, which summarizes all those tweets so that you can sit back and read them all at once.

The service is free for the first month and then costs $3 per month currently.

What they say about themselves

TweetPort is your personal Twitter summary report. It’s a way to condense all of your tweets into one, easy-to-read, daily email. Best of all, it’s automatically organized by importance. The report is also available in live form on

Why it could be a success

There are times when we don’t have access to the Internet or we may be busy or on vacation. Getting all the tweets in the email will certainly help as it should be a breeze to read them. I wonder if they can put an option to get the email with tweets only from certain people. That would be cool as only the important bits will come filtered from the rest.


My Wedding Workbook

My Wedding Workbook makes wedding planning straightforward and easy with its wedding planning software programs, designed especially for brides-to-be and professional wedding planners. The web-based technology is designed take the strain out of wedding planning, making it possible for wedding consultants to expand their businesses and brides-to-be to arrange their own events with a lot less stress. My Wedding Workbook, then, is offered in two formats, or as “My Wedding Workbook,” for the bride-to-be and “My Wedding Workbook Pro,” for the wedding planner.

While you might be able to locate wedding planning guidance online for free, you won’t be able to secure all of it on one site so readily. With My Wedding Workbook, engaged couples are offered guidance on writing vows, selecting vendors, choosing a wedding gown, and the procedures that are needed to change the bride’s last name. That’s because the online “Etiquette Guide” makes it easy for bride and consultant alike to glide through the process step by step.

In addition, brides are offered advice on what to expect and plan accordingly. The software gives couples the organizational tools (checklists and worksheets) so they can manage their event so “no stone is left unturned,” so to speak, and no costly errors are made.

Also, once you’ve gathered your planning information, you can store it on the software, thereby organizing those intricate and essential details, such as budget data, guest lists, vendor information, RSVPs, and calendared appointments, all which makes such information quickly accessible.

You’ll have all the wedding tools available to you to manage and plan your wedding so everything falls into place smoothly, if not seamlessly. Customize your site by selecting from one of numerous designs and personalize it with photos, your own blog, and even your favorite tunes. My Wedding Workbook and My Wedding Workbook Pro make planning a wedding fun and rewarding for both the bride-to-be and wedding consultant. In fact, it’s never been this easy and exciting to organize and plan such an event.

With My Wedding Workbook and My Wedding Workbook Pro, you can master event planning and indeed succeed at arranging an idyllic dream wedding. Planning is facilitated by combining the wedding planning software, organizational tools, and website into one convenient package. Typically, all these items would cost quite a pretty penny, but are included in the My Wedding Workbook package for only $29.95.

What Does My Wedding Workbook Say? We specialize in developing and marketing online wedding planning systems and software for both wedding planning professionals and engaged couples. In essence, we are in business to develop the best Web-based tools available to plan weddings and manage events.

What’s So Special About It? My Wedding Workbook is the complete online wedding planner that provides all the guidance and resources a couple needs to plan every wedding-related event … from their engagement party to their day-after brunch. And My Wedding Workbook Pro is the first and most comprehensive online wedding planning software for wedding consultants, helping them build their business and collaborate with clients via the Web.


FeatureSet – Social Product Development

FeatureSet LogoProduct management involves a complicated process, where the producer has to keep in contact with the client to get the exact requirements and continuous feedback on every step to ensure the correct results according to the specification provided by the clients.

FeatureSet gives a social touch to the product development process. It makes this process automated by connecting the clients to the product development team. FeatureSet is a collaboration software, which helps the client specify their exact needs and review the work done to be satisfied about the work delivery and quality.The one-on-one discussions allow the clients to communicate with the team members.

FeatureSet is of huge help to the Product development team generally and managers particularly. Each team member has access to the forum and work blog to record the work done and get the instructions and tasks The team members have the ability to present an idea, which could be voted through the platform. The managers are able to control the whole product development process through FeatureSet. They have the ability to asign the tasks to teams in multiple organizations and review the work done.

The pricing model of FeatureSet is Software-as-a-Service (S.a.a.S). This pricing model is helpful in terms of keeping the costs in control. Charges are incurred on number of users using the software. It is particularly helpful for the small firms or the firms just starting. This pricing structure is good but it might become expensive for large product development teams so having an option to purchase it either one-time or on S.a.a.S basis, would be valuable.

What Do They Say about themselves?

FeatureSet is the first integrated suite of product management applications that connects the customer to the product management process. It also features social collaboration tools which allow the whole team to track projects and changes.

Why it Could Be a Success:

FeatureSet makes the collaboration on product development very easy and flowing. Through this software both the clients and the product development teams are at ease and well-equipped to do their jobs fully and satisfactorily. Involving the clients in the product development process is a major and distinct feature of FeatureSet and it could lead it to success.


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