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    7 Responses to Startup For Sale

    • I am from Bhutan and looking for a partner setting up a resort in my land of 7 acres, located in a beautiful valley at Paro Bhutan. The location of the land best suited for the resort and the place has the abundance of fresh water and surroundings with pine trees on west and over looking view of Paro town. If any agencies interested for resort business may please contact me on my mobile # +97517601527.

    • Jim alan says:

      Would like more information about the investment value. ALso what is the deal that you require with the investor. Tank you

    • Jim alan says:

      I would like more information as for the population in the surrounding area, also regarding the availabilty of transportation.

    • david hudson says:

      I have a travel site for sale check it out. It is
      i will supply startupwizz with the details.

    • Jarashu malib says:

      How much do you want for email me the details

    • Marius says:

      I’ve recently developed a new website , where people and businesses can create their own website with ease and without the need to spend a lot of money on designer’s fees ( ). I am looking for either an investor who would like to help me get some marketing done for the website to create a momentum ( a marketing plan was developed and the website would need about $6000 invested for the first year ) , or if someone is interested and would like to take this website into their own hands, I am willing to sell it for a fair price. Let me know if you are interested.

    • johnn d says:

      This is Google PR 3 website

      Interested to buy email us at
      we are based in the U.S

      The website for sale is an iphone unlocking and jailbreaking website, it does not have its own product but rather works on an affiliate having the potential to earn upto $20 a sale, the site has a unique design and content unlike the many iphone websites popping up and runs on WordPress cms, it does not need any extra work.

      What is the Website/Business?

      The website is custom designed running on WordPress , making SEO work and future changes very easy , the business model is a very simple and easy 4-step process , it can be run by a professional or a beginner on the internet , and can be kept for making money with the website or even be flipped , typically websites sell for 10 times the income , and this website has a huge money making potential .

      With you can easily make $400 – $1200 per week in your spare time and no maintenance is required, the business is 100% automated and ready for business , requiring only half hour a day to maintain the website .

      Absolutely no time is required , all the software and the product is supplied , delivered , updated and managed by the parent company .

      There are many websites like these sold which make huge amounts of money each day , you can promote the website via ppc , or get search engine rankings with seo .

      Why is the iphone unlocking business lucrative ?

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      The iphone unlocking business is huge , below are a few similar websites sold on Flippa for thousands : for $366,000 !!! for $125,000 !!! for $25,000 !!! for $18,200 !!! for $15,300 !!!

      How does it work ?

      Running the Iphone unlocking business is extremely simple. This is how it works:

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      Ok , the big question :

      Q : Why are we selling such a great website and not keeping it for ourself ??
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      What do i get with this purchase ?

      Domain name : Premium domain name registered at Godaddy
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