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Backupify – Back Up Social Network Data

Social networks contain much of our important information and take time and effort, so a service to keep this all backed up and secure is worthwhile. Backupify lets users sign up to automatically keep backups of all their online data from main sites like Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Google Documents, Gmail, Zoho, Flickr, Photobucket, Blogger and more.

Some services have mass email deletion, and password hacking can lead to data loss, while it’s also possible for services to go down or for others to edit or delete your account. Once you sign up with Backupify you fill in your preferences and will get regular emails to let you know backups have been completed. The service is free until the end of January and the Backupify designers say they will be able to keep costs low after this initial period.


MissUpload – Online Storage and Backup for Large Files

MissUpload provides online storage and remote backup for large files, including images, videos, audio and flash. As a broadcaster I know it’s essential to have backup for large files so this type of file hosting provider is welcome, and the website states that the uploading and downloading tools are sophisticated, which is also important. MissUpload can also be used to share files with people you specify, so it’s a handy way of letting other access files that are too large to be sent by email. Each of these services can be found on separate websites, but it’s convenient to have them all in one place. It also means users can access their files from various computers without having to carry around USB sticks that could get lost or damaged.

All kinds of files can up uploaded, within legal regulations, and a delete link is provided for files so that they can be removed. If they aren’t deleted by the user they have an expiry time and will be automatically removed in the free and registered versions. The free version has a max upload file size of 25 Mb, download volume of 50 Mb per day and files are deleted after 30 days. The Registered and Premium versions allow more, with the maximum subscription increasing to uploads of 5000 Mb, storage space of 100,000 Mb, and download volume of 10,000 Mb per day. The Premium version also has no adverts and extra facilities such as URL upload, downloads accelerator support and downloads resume.


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