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Swabr – Enterprise Microblogging Made in Germany

SwabrSwabr offers you a new concept, enterprise microblogging under the highest quality of German products. If you did not know, swabr means in German black board 2.0. Swabr offers company members the chance to communicate in real time. If you want to picture it more accurately simply think of a blackboard on which everyone in the company writes what he/she thinks of a certain problem and a possible solution. Now the black board becomes digital.

It is like the entire company has its own shared blog, a microblog and thus the concept of microblogging. The new Swabr microblogging concept will offer you the key to improving your social-enterprise.  There will no longer be problems regarding time difference in communication between employees. With Swarb, everyone will be able to communicate with the people he/she needs in real-time.

As for quality, what can be said more than “Made in Germany”? Swabr offers you the highest level of quality in social-media software, you will be able to input the social media concept without any software errors and the employees will be able to use it efficiently, as it is quite easy to follow in design and concept.


Antispambee – Spam Control for WordPress

Anti-Spam Bee Blogging is now a phenomenon on the Internet. One of the popular blogging software is WordPress. The problem blog admins face is the amount of spam which is posted in the form of comments in response to the posts by users. Now here is a free solution with the name of antispambee.

This software is free and works like a charm with your existing WordPress installation. The plug-in is fully customizable and is very easy to use and produces efficient results. Under constant development the latest release supports WP 2.8. The plug-in is available via the WordPress repository.

Share – Write and Publish

Logo If you want to publish articles or blogs using text, pictures and videos embedded right into your content and without worrying for a website setup, is the place.

This twitter application allows you to simply give a title and your content which can include pictures or videos like those on YouTube and it publishes it via your Twitter account. Can’t get easier than this.

The service is entirely free (you don’t even have to open an account)  and provides a personal page for publishing twitters and the facility to get feeds also. It is in beta and the webmasters have plans to expand their reach to other social networking sites in the future.


Topsy – What’s hot today?

logo Whether you are trying to locate what other think about the latest fashion trends or you are looking for features of the latest software, what is the best way? You look for tweets, blogs, diggs and a plethora of other communities where people like you post reviews and opinion about these trends and technologies. So where does Topsy come in?

Topsy allows you to search through its database based on terms you provide. This is not you average day search engine. It gives you results based on ideas rather than documents. The trackback feature allows you to see what has been said on your search topic before.


Zajet – What are you sharing today?

Logo I recently had to share some documents with friends. The problem was that the online sharing websites had little to offer with what we had to do and that was sharing/blogging/editing/versioning at the same time.  And then I found, which made the whole thing simple and fun.

This website allows you to share almost anything you want (the file size is limited though, only 2 MB per file which is really a shame; make it at least 5 guys!). You are given your own page when you sign up and then in that page you can blog/post articles/share files etc. A nifty little feature is that your own widgets can be added to your page.


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