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TalentTrove – Share Your Talent on Video

Whatever your skill, if you can film it you can share it on this site to attract more viewers and perhaps even get talent-spotted. It could be comedy, music, writing, news reporting, acting, fashion, cooking or a variety of other talents typical of TV: TalentTrove lets you set up a free account to upload and share your videos in an organised way with an interested community.

The site is very neatly organised making it easy to set up your account and select the right categories from the toolbar and submenus so viewers can find your videos. It’s also quick and easy to find videos on the subjects that interest you. I went straight to comedy and watched the most popular videos, then set up my own account to upload my online interview shows so I gave it a good test.

The steps for uploading videos are straightforward if you’re uploading files from your own computer or selecting videos from your YouTube channel. I usually need to use embed code as my shows are on another website, and there wasn’t an easy option to do this – I’m sure it must be available on TalentTrove somewhere and it would be handy to have it on the main upload screen. With more and more people broadcasting their own talent and taking part in citizen journalism this site is an excellent idea and one that I’ll certainly use myself.


Shortology – Get Your Point Across Quickly

shortologyThis is a fun site which lets you use up to seven bullet points to get your thoughts across. The idea is that these days it’s hard to get anybody to concentrate hard enough to read a longer article, so it’s best to concentrate the main points into a piece of Shortology. Odd though it sounds it actually works, and the site makes compulsive reading. It makes you want to add a bit of Shortology of your own, working out which rant or bit of wisdom you want to impart and then deciding how to concentrate it into key points.

Although some of the Shortology is light-hearted, other Shortologists have given their views on weighty topics such as Obama’s healthcare policy, and well considered arguments sit next to rants and heartfelt opinions. The main page shows a selection from all the subjects covered and it’s enjoyable to read the lighter views next to the serious ones on such a selection of topics.

Additional pages divide the Shortology into Fun, Politics, Entertainment, Sport and Technology, with reviews as well as opinions. Concentrating a book review into bullet points isn’t easy but really cuts to the essentials, and the same is true for entertainment and a look into the pros and cons of the latest gadgets, software and websites. This site has the feeling of one of the booths broadcasters put up so passers-by can air their views on television by speaking for one minute. The site looks good and could be addictive, and my only criticism is that it’s let down by the need for some proofreading, including some of the main subtitles.


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