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Webdatah – Check Website Statistics

Find out how successful your website is, or take a look at how well others are doing, by going to Webdatah and typing the name of the website into the search field. After a few moments Webdatah will have analysed the site (if data is available) and will provide you with key statistics like the Alexa Ranking. You will also find backlinks to your site from Google, Yahoo and Bing and can click on them to see who has been linking to the site.

You’ll also find information about keywords, indexed pages, images and videos. If there’s enough data for Webdatah to work with you will also get graphs to show the number of hits the site is getting month by month and also the number of unique visitors. The Alexa Ranking is given over three months, one month, one week, and the past day. This kind of information can help you analyse your competition, and also helps you work on your own site to improve its ranking. By seeing how the ranking changes day-to-day you can see which strategies are most successful in attracting traffic.


VisiRun – Fleet Management with Web Tracking

VisiRun Logo EN 150This service has a low monthly fee of 29 Euros for fleet management, letting businesses track where their vehicles are on the map in real time. Managers can keep an eye on locations, routes, drive times and stops. This not only lets managers stay in control of their team, it also lets them see which vehicle is nearest to their next client, and also which technician is closest at hand if a driver neads assistance.

Any unscheduled stops would be noticed, along with changes to the route. Alarms can be set to alert of stops and also arrival at destination, as well as for speeding. The system can also help managers assess the time needed for a particular drive and also for loading and unloading. Other devices can be monitored, including loading doors and anti-theft buttons. This not only helps avoid theft, but should stop anyone getting into the trucks uninvited. The driver and manager will be aware of all movements in and out of the vehicle.

To improve communication with drivers VisiRun allows text messages, and communication of the next mission. Drivers can also be alerted to any problems on the road up ahead so that they can divert and avoid them. The system is designed to avoid any need for telephone calls to the driver, and with increasing needs to monitor international fleets this kind of service is essential. It uses GPS tracking and Google Maps.


DroidWeek – Weekly Android Applications and Games News


Keep up-to-date with the latest developments for Google Android applications, phones, games and extras with Droid Week and Android and Me. Although Droid Week is at the setting up stages it’s linked to Android and Me which is already full of information. At the time of writing Droid Week has active forums, a store full of accessories, and recommended launches. The connection with Android and Me makes it feel like the same website, and together they are certainly a useful resource for these increasingly popular products.

Android and Me is also being overhauled to sort out the wealth of information and to make it more easily accessible. Articles and a podcast add extra ways to keep Android users informed, and it’s also possible to submit articles. The recommended application on the main page at the time of writing was Flixster, a downloadable product which lets users find movie showtimes via a location based search and then take a look at full information and reviews. Visitors to the site can nominate applications and enter competitions as well as taking part in community discussions. I’ve been wanting to find out more about Android products and seeing all the information together in one place is a real bonus.


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