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Wirenode – Create Mobile Websites

wirenodeWirenode lets users create mobile websites, and with more and more people accessing the internet from their phones this is a useful tool. It’s free for individuals and by subscription for companies, with no limitations on the service provided in the free version. Setting up a website is simple – in minutes it’s possible to use the RSS feed to create a mobile version of an existing website with a name change.

The Wirenode website states that users can create mobile websites with multiple pages, create a simple demo page with one click, include you own images and images from Google Search, create a table of contents page and include various widgets. The Wirenode site is easy to use and understand, taking the user step-by-step through the process of creating a mobile website.

It’s possible to create a number of websites and link them to each other. Individuals have all the features of the subscription versions, including no advertisements and custom domain, and can create a limitless number of websites. Commercial users can also have a free version, but this includes advertisements on the website, up to three websites, and no custom domain. Premium members can have up to ten websites, custom domain and no advertisements on the site for 15 Euro per month.


ConsumerMate – Get advice on gadgets

ConsumerMate ConsumerMate is a relatively new website launched to specially cater for the electronic lifestyle of people living in India. The website offers help and advice in selection of electronic items. Currently it catalogs laptops, mobiles and TVs of renowned brands like LG, HP and Sony.

The concept, though not new, is presented through an easy to use interface. I liked the ‘GURU GYAN’ feature, a wizard which asks you the questions relating to a product and then fetches the results based on your answers. The questions are not overly technical and are designed to keep in mind what the end user wants. The choices can also be made by using the slider control presented.

Once a selection is made, an inquiry can be forwarded which is sent to the local dealers allowing them to get in touch with the buyer.

The site also hosts information articles about the technological aspects of these products and what a buyer should look out for. In short a nice resource which allows buyers to make informed decisions before they actually commit to buying a product. It would be nice if more categories are added to give the site a more diverse audience.


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