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StreetMavens – What’s Happening Near You

streetmavensThis is an international website that lets you search by country and city to find what’s going on locally for leisure and business. A search for events in London certainly turned up some interesting ones, and although not all cities are included yet there is already a good selection. It’s also possible to list your event, making this a useful place to promote an activity, and with the Southbank Centre and National Portrait Gallery among the first events listed it feels like a worthwhile resource for event promoters and those looking for something to do.

Businesses can use StreetMavens to list their activity, and the map at the top of the main page has a zoom-in feature that makes it a handy street map. Like many recent websites it includes community features, with a Street Talk page to let people make comments, a page for photos, and a final page where you can search for others on StreetMavens to friend them. It all feels very new and information needs to be added, but judging by the start this could build into a popular website as users keep adding content. It would also be a handy resource for researching cities before you travel.


FamiliLink – Easy Internet for Older Relatives

While many older people have become internet enthusiasts, there are also many who won’t even use it for the simple things like email. FamiLink provides a simple way to get your relatives online, making it easier to stay in touch with them. This seems like an invaluable service as it’s the older family members we need to keep a check on and internet connection could also help them avoid feelings of loneliness and isolation. It’s a pity when they don’t use it, so this approach will help younger family members include them in the loop of online communications.

The way it works is by making everything easy to use and also by making it all accessible from the Famililink website. A younger relative can sign up for their older family members, and then show them how to find the site and log in. Then they will find their emails, calendar of appointments, picture and video sharing, and even indicators to show which of their friends and family are online, all in the same place. Emails are in large, clear text, and to see photos there’s no need to click on links or downloads. Instead there’s a clear tag labelled ‘Pictures’. Other tags let the user find messages, contacts, and a calendar where they include family events, doctor’s appointments and medication. While more able elderly users will be able to do all of this themselves, it would also be possible for younger relatives to set it all up for those who are less capable.

There’s even a ‘Send Urgent Message’ button which will alert a group of people you can select as trustworthy to help in case of emergency. The Contacts page displays all friends and family in an attractive way, with photos, an online indicator, and the weather in their location. Pictures and videos can be shared from other popular sites, and FamiliLink makes them all easy to view using its straightforward tags and buttons. Phone numbers are listed with the contacts, but as many older people prefer to talk rather than type a voice connection would make it even better. The service is free for the first 2,000 users and it seems like the type of service that should be available without cost.


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