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Vumero – The Virtual Market for Financial Models

VumeroVumero is the virtual market for Finance and Financial Model expertise. This is where entrepreneurs and businessmen can meet and exchange their templates with other Finance Professionals, Freelancers and Advisers, in other words financial professionals from all around the world.  With the aid of Vumero you will be able to contact other professionals regarding different capabilities or possible approaches which one can take regarding their current business problem. You will be able to contact and hire leading financial professional to help you with the current problems and get the best of results. You can simply create a job post in a couple of minutes with the needed specifications, to which specialists will post applications and then you can simply hire the person who you think is most suitable for the job.

You will find professionals that can review highly complex financial models, preparing cash-flow forecast projections, managing foreign exchange risk. You will be able to obtain the best of services with the smallest time consumption, while professionals will be able to offer their services, expand their knowledge and receive proper payment for their knowledge and efforts.

Also, Vumero offers a large database of business models which you can access on cost to improve your business and counterattack problems.


Flapon – Topic-Based Social Networking

Flapon Logo Flapon is a new and upcoming social networking website providing users with the ability to interact with other people based on their interests. Like most social networking websites, the idea is to create connections. From personal friendships to business affiliations, Flapon can help you to grow your network of friends.

Flapon is a topic-based social networking site. It works by allowing users to choose from a wide range of topics matching their interests and interact with people having similar tastes. The main theme revolves around creating Flaps, which are similar to forum or blog posts and can be used to write personal thoughts, reviews or just random tidbits of information which you feel can benefit others. The Flaps are then posted and streamed to users who are either following the person writing the Flap or the topic, the Flap is based on.

An interesting feature is the event notification. Users can inform others interested in a particular niche about an upcoming event. The event can both be online or offline in the real world. A marketplace to setup a business presence for a brand is also provided for young entrepreneurs as a launching pad to introduce others to their services.

What they say about themselves

Flapon features include an interactive blogging/forum function called “Flap” which allows users to write about and discuss topics of mutual interest. Users can easily meet new people based on those mutual interests without muddling through thousands of forums online.

Why it could be a success

The ability to make it easier to find people with similar interests by connecting them through Flap topics may give an edge to this new website. By posting useful information for others, people can easily find friends with similar interests in life. The idea of an integrated marketplace for business is an added advantage.


AdFlyer – Online Marketplace to Buy and Sell

adflyer-logoI immediately got caught up looking at the items advertised on this site so it must be effective. AdFlyer is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell a wide variety of goods and also tickets, property and pets. Whether you’re looking for a new puppy, a holiday villa with swimming pool, antiques or everday items, you’re likely to find them here.

The site is well organised with a full menu of goods listed by category, plus appealing pictures on the home page of the latest and most popular adverts. At the time of writing Christmas caused most popular gifts to appear and scroll through, giving plenty of ideas and opportunities for impulse buys. There’s a great selection in each category and clear options on the tags to go to the Buy or Sell sections.

Clicking on the Buy tag takes you to a full alphabetical list of items by category and by specific product type. Clicking on the Sell tag also brings up a full list of categories so you can choose where to advertise your item for free. There’s also a paid option which adds extra features for sellers. With so many websites around offering an online marketplace it’s a difficult place to succeed, but with free adverts and a good design this one has attracted a large number of sellers already.


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