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myBantu – Free Personal Assistant

myBantu Logo myBantu is a recent addition to the long line of websites following the Facebook/Twitter idea. The website allows people to get opinions, recommendations and feedback on different things like local restaurants and movies to watch.

You can get opinions from your friends or colleagues about a particular interest and then you can shout your own experience just like in other social networking websites. If you are unsure, you can let myBantu to make some recommendations based on your tastes and preferences. A personal organizer to let you schedule your daily tasks is available with every account.

What they say about themselves

We are Glomantra Inc., a silicon valley, California based startup revolutionizing the way you manage your daily life. Our product myBantu is a free online personal assistant. myBantu, the virtual assistant, takes care of users’ needs, gets them relevant recommendations, opinions, and plenty of other great options with the sole intent of making their life easier, simpler and adding a dash of fun in it!

Why it could be a success

Well, maybe, for someone looking for a quick recommendation, the website does offer some fresh content but to be honest, with the host of websites giving similar services, myBantu faces a serious challenge. They will have to include some more original applications to entice users to avail their services.


Shortology – Get Your Point Across Quickly

shortologyThis is a fun site which lets you use up to seven bullet points to get your thoughts across. The idea is that these days it’s hard to get anybody to concentrate hard enough to read a longer article, so it’s best to concentrate the main points into a piece of Shortology. Odd though it sounds it actually works, and the site makes compulsive reading. It makes you want to add a bit of Shortology of your own, working out which rant or bit of wisdom you want to impart and then deciding how to concentrate it into key points.

Although some of the Shortology is light-hearted, other Shortologists have given their views on weighty topics such as Obama’s healthcare policy, and well considered arguments sit next to rants and heartfelt opinions. The main page shows a selection from all the subjects covered and it’s enjoyable to read the lighter views next to the serious ones on such a selection of topics.

Additional pages divide the Shortology into Fun, Politics, Entertainment, Sport and Technology, with reviews as well as opinions. Concentrating a book review into bullet points isn’t easy but really cuts to the essentials, and the same is true for entertainment and a look into the pros and cons of the latest gadgets, software and websites. This site has the feeling of one of the booths broadcasters put up so passers-by can air their views on television by speaking for one minute. The site looks good and could be addictive, and my only criticism is that it’s let down by the need for some proofreading, including some of the main subtitles.


ConsumerMate – Get advice on gadgets

ConsumerMate ConsumerMate is a relatively new website launched to specially cater for the electronic lifestyle of people living in India. The website offers help and advice in selection of electronic items. Currently it catalogs laptops, mobiles and TVs of renowned brands like LG, HP and Sony.

The concept, though not new, is presented through an easy to use interface. I liked the ‘GURU GYAN’ feature, a wizard which asks you the questions relating to a product and then fetches the results based on your answers. The questions are not overly technical and are designed to keep in mind what the end user wants. The choices can also be made by using the slider control presented.

Once a selection is made, an inquiry can be forwarded which is sent to the local dealers allowing them to get in touch with the buyer.

The site also hosts information articles about the technological aspects of these products and what a buyer should look out for. In short a nice resource which allows buyers to make informed decisions before they actually commit to buying a product. It would be nice if more categories are added to give the site a more diverse audience.


Tribal Football – All about the game

Tribal Football Football is loved by billions and played by millions of people around the world. I think every 1 in 3 must be a fan of some team. There are plenty of resources on the net where one can get information about the game. Tribalfootball is also one of them.

Tribalfootball delivers news from almost all the major leagues around the world. Players and managers profiles, score sheets of the latest games and club information is available. It has a fan community which can share stories, ideas and opinions via forums. This can be the deciding feature which will attract people to this site. We do love our visitors ;).


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