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ZippyListings – Free Property for Sale Listing

For those selling property in the United States or Canada ZippyListings provides free advertising space. Properties are listed according to country, city, whether they are for sale or rent, total size, price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the owner’s name and phone number, a 200-character description, and a link to a website.

The same criteria can be used by people searching for a property to rent or buy. With 300 cities this is a comprehensive site, and it would be nice to see similar websites for more countries. The front page also draws attention to the most recently listed properties so you can see if any new ones have arrived in your desired area and price range. Along with the property information ZippyListings also has a fairly new blog where some community building could add to the site.

ZippyListings can automatically help advertise properties by autoposting your information to Twitter and, according to their description, to dozens of other sites. The site is being built, so it’s possible to ask for extra cities to be included. The cities with most activity and listings are selected as Top Cities, and the Blog is updated by the designers with information about how it works and new developments.

Share – Design Floor Plans is a free service that lets you create or design floor plans using a tool that’s simple but leads to professional results. The floor plans would be useful for estate agents, holiday rentals, or just to share the layout and look of your home with friends. It’s possible to add photos of the exterior of the building and also photos of the interior to display each of the rooms. Once the plan with photos has been created it can be linked to websites and social networks, and used in advertising and flyers, or shared in personal communications.

The tool to create floor plans is intuitive, offering a variety of simple ways to work on the layout for each storey. Clearly labelled buttons offer Add Room, Add Door, and Add Window options. These can be moved and adjusted by dragging and stretching, or by filling in the measurements. prompts the user to add photos while clicking on each room or the exterior. With the correct measurements and a set of photos it would be possible to produce an impressive and appealing design to attract buyers, renters and holidaymakers, or just give friends and family a virtual tour of your home.


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