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feedmil – Serving feeds real-time

feedmil With so many blogs and news services sprouting over the Internet every day, it is becoming difficult to keep on top of a favorite topic. Feedmil is the equivalent of having a secretary who collects all the important stuff for you to review in your own time.

So, how does this work? Simple; you enter the topic you are interested in the search box and feedmil provides you with the results based on whether you want the most popular or a more surprising result. The search is done on the RSS feeds which most services nowadays provide. This will allow you to unsubscribe all the feeds you have and just check for the important stuff when you want from far more sources than your RSS client can digest.


Bliipa – A Search Engine with a Twist

Bliipa Bliipa is a new search engine recently launched in 2009. Its not the usual run of the mill engine but rather has a nice and clean interface and provides two types of results based on the query submitted.

The main results are gathered using Yahoo’s API and social site content. Sites such as Twitter are probed for the search query and the results displayed column wise next to the normal results. Its somewhat similar to universal search in Google. The added benefit is that its sort of a multiple site-wide search and the normal search merged into one clean package.

I should point out that with competitors like Google, Bliipa has to come up with some really cool stuff if it wants to place itself near the top in the search engine market.


Topsy – What’s hot today?

logo Whether you are trying to locate what other think about the latest fashion trends or you are looking for features of the latest software, what is the best way? You look for tweets, blogs, diggs and a plethora of other communities where people like you post reviews and opinion about these trends and technologies. So where does Topsy come in?

Topsy allows you to search through its database based on terms you provide. This is not you average day search engine. It gives you results based on ideas rather than documents. The trackback feature allows you to see what has been said on your search topic before.

Share – Localized Searches provides localized searches from around the world. The striking feature you will notice when you first visit the site is a clickable world map. You can choose a country, select the search engines whose results you’d like to include (currently three engines are indexed yahoo, google and msn), type the search term and off you go.

Information about the country itself is readily available through predefined searches. There are buttons for government, business, tourism, science etc which will return results based on that country only. The search local newspapers is a nice feature for research oriented work. You also have access to maps about the regions using google maps.


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