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MailMyWeb – Browse Websites via Email

mailmywebThis is a service for people who are blocked from surfing the internet by their organisations, so it will be somewhat controversial but will no doubt be popular among those wanting to surf freely at work. It employs an ingenious method so that users can browse the web via their email client, as email is permitted by most employers. My question would be how secure people will feel about using their email to do this as it’s a deliberate breach of their employment conditions and could be spotted by IT admins. Setting that aside, it could be a useful way of accessing the internet via email in other situations too.

It’s a free service, once you fill in registration details, including the email address you are permitted to use. To start surfing the web it’s quite simple: you send an email to with ‘help’ as the subject to get instructions by reply email. After that it’s possible to access any website, including videos and search engines, by sending an email to with the URL as the message subject. An email comes very quickly in reply with the webpage in the body of the text. If you click on any of the links they are automatically sent as an email to MailMyWeb and the new page appears in a reply email. For search engines the same method is used, with the URL of the search engine as the subject of the email and the key words included in the text preceded and followed by ###.

Although it looks and feels like surfing the internet it is all actually going through the email client. It’s a little bit more fiddly than straightforward web browsing, but not much, and only a few of the links didn’t work for me – not bad considering it’s still in beta. The links that didn’t work were complex ones, and most straightforward links did work. As it all goes through the email client the result is a long list of emails you have used to access pages, so remember to delete all of these before they get spotted! I’m busy thinking of other ways this can be used to access the internet in places you only have email access, as I’m sure it’s also useful in ways that aren’t job threatening! Leave your ideas in the comments.


Mitto – Keep Your Passwords in One Place

Mitto is a secure password management site which lets you store all your website passwords together. We all have times when we forget the passwords we use for the many websites we access, and the temptation is to have an easy-to-remember password and keep it the same for all websites. This is not a secure option, but not being able to gain access to websites is frustrating, as is the need to keep setting new passwords when we forget. So sites like Mitto are popular and useful.

This is a free service, and easy to use. It works anywhere and isn’t limited to the user’s main computer. To set up automatic logins via Mitto, the user goes to the Add Sites option to include their main websites in a list, and once the passwords are included these can be accessed by a single click. The Mitto website assures security, with the methods used explained in detail, and points out that by using it to access other sites there’s less chance of falling victim to Phishing. Mitto also keeps a track of logins so users can check to see when they last used websites. This would also help them notice if anyone else is using their account, so this technique could be a help against identity fraud.


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