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Vumero – The Virtual Market for Financial Models

VumeroVumero is the virtual market for Finance and Financial Model expertise. This is where entrepreneurs and businessmen can meet and exchange their templates with other Finance Professionals, Freelancers and Advisers, in other words financial professionals from all around the world.  With the aid of Vumero you will be able to contact other professionals regarding different capabilities or possible approaches which one can take regarding their current business problem. You will be able to contact and hire leading financial professional to help you with the current problems and get the best of results. You can simply create a job post in a couple of minutes with the needed specifications, to which specialists will post applications and then you can simply hire the person who you think is most suitable for the job.

You will find professionals that can review highly complex financial models, preparing cash-flow forecast projections, managing foreign exchange risk. You will be able to obtain the best of services with the smallest time consumption, while professionals will be able to offer their services, expand their knowledge and receive proper payment for their knowledge and efforts.

Also, Vumero offers a large database of business models which you can access on cost to improve your business and counterattack problems.


Adype – Social Marketplace for Ads

AdypeAdype is the social media corner and virtual marketplace for advertisers and publishers. You can easily picture Adype as being the place that connects all those who desire to sell and purchase different selling ads. With the aid of Adype you will be able to sell different types of advertising, even advertising space on your site or social profile for a predetermined period of time such as 7, 15 or 30 days. Once a publisher has purchased the advertisement area, he/she can advertise whatever he/she desires, having complete control of the content. Now, as for the person who sells the advertising space he/she has complete control of the price. The payment methods supported are PayPal and wire transfer.

The clients will be able to monitor the performance of their ad slots through reports and statistics.  Plus you will also have access to a dashboard that permits you to monitor your earnings when you subscribe for the service. Also the Adype site is designed to keep your money safe and easily accessible, meaning that you will be able to transfer them whenever you desire.


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