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FreeWeb.Me – Easy Attractive Website Creation

If you’re looking for a free website there are many choices, so FreeWeb.Me has plenty of competition and needs something to attract attention. It’s easy to create a website with FreeWeb.Me and also the templates provided are attractive. I tried setting up a website, it was done in a few simple steps and it did look impressive with good graphics. You choose your domain name and it will have this format

With more than 300 designs to choose from you should be able to find one you like, and the code is written to be optimized for search engines. There’s also a link to help you submit your site to Google. The pages have been designed to be compatible with all the major browsers. As well as the free service there’s a reasonably priced premium service with more templates and facilities.


MyPage – Easy to Make Kids’ Websites

mypage-itTeenagers study how to design websites at school, but younger children also want to have their own sites. With MyPage they can make their own website easily, share it with friends and have a URL with their nickname forming part of it. This is not just fun, it’s also a simple introduction to the basics of website design – something children need to learn.

The pages are fun and colourful and with pre-teen pictures of children so the target age is clear. Childen register with their parents’ permission and email address an get their own URL which starts with and then has their chosen nickname. To make it easy for children to create a fun site there are toys and games called Kidgets and wallpaper to make the sites attractive. Extra activities include videos and colouring in, and children learn to add these to their pages and move them around. All useful computer skills.

Perhaps most important of all children can communicate with their friends, view each other’s sites and also exchange the activities they have included on their own. The ability to communicate with friends on the internet is one of the things that attracts children to interactive online games, and this is a safe way to appeal to that wish while also helping them learn real computer skills.


Wirenode – Create Mobile Websites

wirenodeWirenode lets users create mobile websites, and with more and more people accessing the internet from their phones this is a useful tool. It’s free for individuals and by subscription for companies, with no limitations on the service provided in the free version. Setting up a website is simple – in minutes it’s possible to use the RSS feed to create a mobile version of an existing website with a name change.

The Wirenode website states that users can create mobile websites with multiple pages, create a simple demo page with one click, include you own images and images from Google Search, create a table of contents page and include various widgets. The Wirenode site is easy to use and understand, taking the user step-by-step through the process of creating a mobile website.

It’s possible to create a number of websites and link them to each other. Individuals have all the features of the subscription versions, including no advertisements and custom domain, and can create a limitless number of websites. Commercial users can also have a free version, but this includes advertisements on the website, up to three websites, and no custom domain. Premium members can have up to ten websites, custom domain and no advertisements on the site for 15 Euro per month.


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