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IdentEngine – Find and Aggregate Profiles from Social Networks

This site has a downloadable software tool that lets you make use of the identities individuals have constructed on various sites on the internet. It can find and aggregate these profiles in ways that can be used for a variety of tasks and analyses. At the very simplest level you can feed in the names of people you’re searching for and find their profiles on social networks. Then you can collect a number of profiles from various social networks to get a more complete picture of each person. By combining profiles you can construct as detailed a picture as possible for each one.

The tool also has automatic options to fill in profile forms with data and photos, and by using it I managed to trace profiles for individuals I have previously found hard to locate. IdentEngine works with the main social networks, but also many others – a total of 87 at the time of writing. The designer, Glenn Jones, describes it as part of a year-long personal project into combining social graph data with other open data sources.

He gives presentations on the use of social graph data in combination with other open data sources and videos and slide shows of these talks are available on the website. To get a full idea of the usefulness of this tool it’s best to take a look at the site.


Backupify – Back Up Social Network Data

Social networks contain much of our important information and take time and effort, so a service to keep this all backed up and secure is worthwhile. Backupify lets users sign up to automatically keep backups of all their online data from main sites like Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Google Documents, Gmail, Zoho, Flickr, Photobucket, Blogger and more.

Some services have mass email deletion, and password hacking can lead to data loss, while it’s also possible for services to go down or for others to edit or delete your account. Once you sign up with Backupify you fill in your preferences and will get regular emails to let you know backups have been completed. The service is free until the end of January and the Backupify designers say they will be able to keep costs low after this initial period.


PhotoSwarm – Create a Pro Photo Website

If you’re a professional photographer wanting more than you can find on the standard photo-sharing sites, PhotoSwarm is aimed at you. It’s also a neat way for amateurs to share their photos, with albums and full-screen displays to bring out the best in photos. The entry-level membership is free for up to 300 photos so it’s a site that could be used by anyone.

The other advantages of PhotoSwarm over sites like Flickr are that it will let you have a domain name with a style so that it looks as if you have a professionally created website of your own. This domain name also lets you have a matching email address, so it would be impressive if you want to work as a professional photographer for clients, or if you want to sell your photos.

Once you register with PhotoSwarm you get your own pages and can customise them to create your own website. Upload photos and share them on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Building your own website on PhotoSwarm is simple and is done by following clear step-by-step instructions. The website has been created by photographers and website designers and provides the type of clean, simple and effective design artists and photographers prefer.


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