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Betterfly – Find the right person

BetterFly Logo The service industry is changing. New models of business come out daily and the intense competition drives people to search for new ways to find potential customers. Outsourcing has been with us for a long time. Businesses reach out to professionals for tasks like advertising and marketing. Now, if we talk about individuals, people have been using the Internet for a long time to make purchases of products (Amazon comes to mind). People offer their services via websites like Craigslist. Recently I visited BetterFly and their specialty is the service sector.

Make an account on BetterFly and then search through the listing of services. You may be looking for a musician for lessons or a therapist. From teachers to yoga instructors, the website claims to offer services from more than a thousand individuals. On finding one, you have the option to make transactions for services rendered through the website or you can get together and use any other method.

If you happen to use the service, do leave a feedback about the provider so that other people can benefit from it.

What they say about themselves

Betterfly is the first website of its kind to exclude companies, focusing on people instead. Its goal is to make it easy to find the best people to help you learn, look or feel better. Betterfly sets out to make that process easier and more efficient for its users. By catering to individuals instead of companies and by offering a broad but well-defined set of services, Betterfly enables users to compare apples to apples.

Why it could be a success

Finding the right professional can be difficult. Yellow pages are there, but you can’t be sure about the competence of a person unless you hear some positive feedback. All this is provided to you through BetterFly. The website is still beta so I’d give it some time to see how it fares.


TweetPort – Tweets to your Inbox

TweetPort Logo Who doesn’t tweet these days? Celebrities, sport personalities, politicians, friends and family all love to share their updates. And it can be overwhelming sometimes with the huge amount of messages. And what if you don’t check your account. You may end up missing something important. TweetPort now offers the solution.

This new service takes all your tweets and package them in an email to be sent to the address of your choice. A Twitter application, which only needs access to your account and the option to send the email daily, weekly or monthly, which summarizes all those tweets so that you can sit back and read them all at once.

The service is free for the first month and then costs $3 per month currently.

What they say about themselves

TweetPort is your personal Twitter summary report. It’s a way to condense all of your tweets into one, easy-to-read, daily email. Best of all, it’s automatically organized by importance. The report is also available in live form on

Why it could be a success

There are times when we don’t have access to the Internet or we may be busy or on vacation. Getting all the tweets in the email will certainly help as it should be a breeze to read them. I wonder if they can put an option to get the email with tweets only from certain people. That would be cool as only the important bits will come filtered from the rest.


Flapon – Topic-Based Social Networking

Flapon Logo Flapon is a new and upcoming social networking website providing users with the ability to interact with other people based on their interests. Like most social networking websites, the idea is to create connections. From personal friendships to business affiliations, Flapon can help you to grow your network of friends.

Flapon is a topic-based social networking site. It works by allowing users to choose from a wide range of topics matching their interests and interact with people having similar tastes. The main theme revolves around creating Flaps, which are similar to forum or blog posts and can be used to write personal thoughts, reviews or just random tidbits of information which you feel can benefit others. The Flaps are then posted and streamed to users who are either following the person writing the Flap or the topic, the Flap is based on.

An interesting feature is the event notification. Users can inform others interested in a particular niche about an upcoming event. The event can both be online or offline in the real world. A marketplace to setup a business presence for a brand is also provided for young entrepreneurs as a launching pad to introduce others to their services.

What they say about themselves

Flapon features include an interactive blogging/forum function called “Flap” which allows users to write about and discuss topics of mutual interest. Users can easily meet new people based on those mutual interests without muddling through thousands of forums online.

Why it could be a success

The ability to make it easier to find people with similar interests by connecting them through Flap topics may give an edge to this new website. By posting useful information for others, people can easily find friends with similar interests in life. The idea of an integrated marketplace for business is an added advantage.


Gloveler – Find Accommodation Across the World Gloveler is a site offering rental estate services to people around the world. The service is free for both the travelers and hosts in the way that the owners can advertise their accommodations and prospective customers can search and rent the same.

The owners can post ads detailing all the facilities and perks which would be expected by a customer. There are no up front charges for posting ads. The site works on a commission basis of 10 percent which will be collected once a booking is made by a customer. Once a booking is made, the contact details are released and the parties can contact each other directly.

The site uses a secure payment system like paypal which allows the funds to be transferred to the owners in an efficient, fast and secure way. This could well be the next big idea in the travel industry.


Chikkle – Let your thoughts roll

Chikkle Chikkle is a recent entrant into the social networking web. Sign up and you get to make blog posts, write articles and start discussions. I think with so many websites it is better to start in a new community as people will get to know each other much quicker than all the thousands on other social sites.

The site is very lightweight. The current user base is around 130 but should increase given the hype of networking. Users can opt for using the Chikkle AdTouch technology which allows them to display advertisements on their pages and earn revenues. Now that is one incentive that has to attract people. Lets see if the monetary incentive can generate enough buzz to get Chikkle off the ground.


Zooity – Profiles Directory So you have accounts on all the major social networking sites; you have several blogs and you keep tabs on Flickr. In short, you have a plethora of sites to keep a lookout for. If you feel that keeping them in order is getting difficult and you want everything organized in an easy way, zooity is the place you should go to.

This resource allows you to manage all your profiles from a single place. According to them, you can call zooity a centralized public profile resource. The benefit is that all you have to give is the zooity profile link and everyone can see all the sites where you have profiles listed on the zooity page ready to be visited. I am sure the site will grow bigger once you see the benefits of its services and the ease of management which it provides.


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