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Explorra – High Quality Travel Information

explora-usThere are so many travel websites around that any new ones need to be special. What distinguishes Explorra is that it has high quality photos and detailed information combined with input from members who can offer their own travel guides. To use it visitors can type in the names of destinations to be provided with an extremely thorough travel guide. This includes all the kinds of information you would expect from a travel book – history, places to visit, thorough travel information both to and around the destination, places to go and hotels plus more.

The visual quality of the site is apparent the moment you log on. Photographs are not just informative, they are also artistically presented. The site has sections where you can plan your trip and go through all the stages to booking. Afterwards members can create their own travel guides to share with other visitors. I checked some of my favourite destinations on Explorra and found it a good read and also particularly useful. One of the better travel websites.


StreetMavens – What’s Happening Near You

streetmavensThis is an international website that lets you search by country and city to find what’s going on locally for leisure and business. A search for events in London certainly turned up some interesting ones, and although not all cities are included yet there is already a good selection. It’s also possible to list your event, making this a useful place to promote an activity, and with the Southbank Centre and National Portrait Gallery among the first events listed it feels like a worthwhile resource for event promoters and those looking for something to do.

Businesses can use StreetMavens to list their activity, and the map at the top of the main page has a zoom-in feature that makes it a handy street map. Like many recent websites it includes community features, with a Street Talk page to let people make comments, a page for photos, and a final page where you can search for others on StreetMavens to friend them. It all feels very new and information needs to be added, but judging by the start this could build into a popular website as users keep adding content. It would also be a handy resource for researching cities before you travel.


TheCityGuide – Making India Accessible

The City Guide is a recently launched website by ITLaddu, an Indian based firm. If you are a tourist planning to visit a city in India and you want to know where the bars and hotels are, places of interest, restaurants etc, this resource can help and save a lot of your time and money.

All the major cities of India are listed. The interface is simple. Either pick a city of your choice and get all the necessary information like restaurants, bars, hotels, saloons, landmarks, hospitals etc located in it or search for your favorite place. The site also provides a social networking service where you can make profiles to share with the world.

The site can benefit a lot if they open some kind of tourism packages for the people looking to take a vacation. This way they can monetize their presence on the Internet and will help people to get good travel deals.

Share – Community Portal A resource which could become indispensable if you are in the great state of Missouri or are planning a visit there. This community portal offers a smorgesboard of services like ads, information and email.

As soon as I opened the site, I found a wealth of information which included business ads, travel information, weather reports and even lottery and carrier information. The email service caught my eye and I checked it out to find that they offer around 500 MB space with a account.

The classified section is free and sellers can put anything under the sky up for sale. Let’s see if this site is able to monetize their presence by offering services to the local community and make itself a one-stop-shop on the Internet for Missouri citizens.


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