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Quirky – Social Product Development

QuirkyQuirky is the place you can post your inventive ideas and where, with a bit of luck, will see them come true, with a bit of financial benefit. Quirky follows social inventive product development meaning that your ideas will be seen by others and voted to be good or not. You might even have the opportunity to have your product produced and offered for sale. But the number of products that are manufactured are smaller than the actual number of posts, because, unfortunately not all the products are being manufactured, as the budget is limited and only the best ideas and most productive get actual results and who users have voted more. You might even get the possibility for your invention to be sold by big retailers such as Amazon or OfficeMax.

Subscription of an idea costs $10, but you will get a profit from any unit that has been produced and sold and the more items sold, the bigger the profits. And if you are not so much of an inventor, you can just visit the site for a great invention which will just simplify your life.


PopSafari – Photo Communities Just For You

PopSafariWith PopSafari you will be able to share your photographs with the world and together with other users you will be able to create an extensive Safari on different subjects about the world. The concept of the site is quite simple. You simply create an account and post the photos that you desire on the site under thematic photo albums called safaris. The subjects can vary on whatever you desire from your trip to Paris to vegetables. It just has to be a picture or better off pictures that you enjoy of things that you like.  Or you can upload images which you have found on the internet and which are relevant for your Safari.

Plus the PopSafari is a collaborative site, meaning that other users will be able to add their own images to your Safari if they have images that are relevant. In fact this is the main purpose of the site: to create a worldwide album on different themes, albums which can be seen and enjoyed by all.

PopSafari desires to be an online photo gallery where you can delight yourself with images on different subjects and different perspectives around the world.


Swabr – Enterprise Microblogging Made in Germany

SwabrSwabr offers you a new concept, enterprise microblogging under the highest quality of German products. If you did not know, swabr means in German black board 2.0. Swabr offers company members the chance to communicate in real time. If you want to picture it more accurately simply think of a blackboard on which everyone in the company writes what he/she thinks of a certain problem and a possible solution. Now the black board becomes digital.

It is like the entire company has its own shared blog, a microblog and thus the concept of microblogging. The new Swabr microblogging concept will offer you the key to improving your social-enterprise.  There will no longer be problems regarding time difference in communication between employees. With Swarb, everyone will be able to communicate with the people he/she needs in real-time.

As for quality, what can be said more than “Made in Germany”? Swabr offers you the highest level of quality in social-media software, you will be able to input the social media concept without any software errors and the employees will be able to use it efficiently, as it is quite easy to follow in design and concept.


Authonomy – Social Network for Writers

Social networks for writers are a great idea – I should know, I run one myself. There are various specialised social networks for writers on and they do provide a service the bigger social networks like Facebook can’t. On a specialised network writers can find each other and make contact more easily, and if the network is organised right the good writers do rise to the surface and show so that the publishers who join can find them. I’ve seen two authors picked up by publishers in this way so it can be done.

Authonomy is a little different to many of the specialised social networks for writers because it’s organised by HarperCollins. However, that doesn’t show from the interface as it’s set up in a way that’s just like a standard writers’ network. You can join, create your profile, promote your writing (published or unpublished), join in with discussions on the forum and upload your writing to share and get feedback. Members are also encouraged to recommend their favourite books, and favourite writing by other members, and the books can be from any publisher.

I joined and will be using this site and would recommend it to any writer. I also believe publishers should be looking at these social networks to find the talented authors – they do rise head and shoulders above the rest. A difficulty can arise if these social networks also get so large that they have a similar problem to that created on Facebook: too many writers and pieces of writing being submitted to showcase so they get lost in the crowd.

It will be interesting to see if this site does lead to authors being talent-spotted, and if not it’s still a great way to meet other writers. The social network approach seems almost compulsory nowadays for many types of business, and I think all publishers should be providing this kind of site. The articles with helpful advice for writers are especially useful.


CulinaryCulture – Share Recipes and Restaurant Reviews

Good cookery websites can be among the most popular on the internet and Culinary Culture has many of the features people look for. Members of the Culinary Culture community can share recipes and photos of their food from the comfort of their homes with no need for fancy kitchens and glossy magazine styling. The chat forums let people also become friends and plan dinner parties and get-togethers.

The website isn’t just a recipe-sharing social network, it also encourages members to list their local eateries and review them so that visitors to their area will know the best places to dine. The information is presented under Places, Recipes, Events and Community, and the website makes it easy to upload photos to illustrate each section. The recipes can be sorted by levels of difficulty, relevance to you, and also by date so you see the most recent.

The photos of the locations look inviting, the plates of food mouth-watering, and there are interesting events of various sorts listed – including a Whisky Fest, a World Festival for food lovers and a Vegan Bake Sale on the first page. This website is definitely my kind of thing and should appeal to many others.


Joincube – Business Organisation by Social Network

The social network approach is taking off in an increasing number of ways, and one of the ones gaining popularity is to use it to run your business. Joincube provides a social network platform that lets businesses and organisations work as a team, communicating and sharing information using tools that are said to improve time management by almost 40%. As one who finds constant meetings eat into time that could be spent productively I can believe this. Important though it is to meet face-to-face at times, it’s vital for businesses to realise the internet means it’s not necessary to call people over for a personal meeting for many types of communication.

No doubt a private social network platform is a good solution. This one has no sign-up fee, a free trial period for all levels of service subscription, and the subscription can be cancelled month by month. It’s not expensive, although a bit more than services such as and, so what does it add that these platforms don’t have? The answer is that it’s already tailor-made to run a business. Each user’s main dashboard gives an overview of everything happening, while file sharing facilities are designed for team business use and collaborative editing.

Task management features help organise work, while to-do lists, the ability to organise sub-groups for tasks, and ways of highlighting work to be done and marking it as finished or not finished, should all make the work go more smoothly. All the features of social networks are also there, including instant messages to keep in touch privately with team members, and microblogs where you update your status so everybody can see what the others are doing. Links to Wiki pages that everybody can update add an extra way of working together.

After the free trial period prices start at $24 per month for up to 15 users and 5GB of storage, with prices rising in stages to a maximum of $149 per month for an unlimited number of users and 200GB of storage. If users decide not to subscribe during the free trial period there will be no cost, and all levels of service include support, by email for entry-level members or faster methods for the high-end subscriptions. It’s possible to switch the names of users on the service so that a basic package could work if you only need to include up to 15 people at a time, and it’s also possible to downgrade as well as upgrade at any time.


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