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No one knows how to hire, plus brand design and African tech

Editor’s Note: No one knows how to hire

Hiring is the lifeblood of the world. Few people do truly singular work; instead, nearly every facet of our civilization is built by groups of humans (and increasingly machines) working in tandem.

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That presents quite the puzzle though: if teamwork is so critical to the functioning of, well, everything, why are we so god awfully bad at building teams?

Minus a couple of high functioning teams of course, the evidence for team rot is all around us. Startups go bust when teams of two (i.e. founders) can’t make simple decisions about the future of their business. Large companies exsanguinate cash while their teams spend eons debating the minutia of a pixel in the checkout flow. At even larger scale, massive infrastructure projects like California’s HSR fail because the right people weren’t planning and building it (plus ten other issues of course).

How do we get this so wrong, so consistently?

The first reason, and the one most challenging to overcome, is that human endeavors are fundamentally built upon aspirations. A startup is a dream, no different than improving Excel’s formula editor or adding traffic signals to an intersection. Action cannot happen without aspiration, and so we tend to be far more optimistic with all facets of a plan before execution.


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Original Content podcast: On ‘Guava Island,’ Donald Glover mixes music and politics

It was hard to know what to expect from “Guava Island.”

Last year, Donald Glover and Rihanna filmed the mysterious project with director Hiro Murai (who’s also directed multiple episodes of “Atlanta” and the music video for “This is America”, then they said almost nothing about it until debuting the film at Coachella and releasing it on Amazon.

“Guava Island” turns out to be a 54-minute, fable-like story of a musician named Deni (Glover) and his girlfriend Kofi (Rihanna) on a fictional Caribbean island. Deni plans to throw a music festival for the community, but the island boss Red Cargo wants to stop him — if his employees stay out late to party, they might not show up for work the next day.

On this week’s episode of the Original Content podcast, we’re joined by Jon Shieber to discuss our reactions to the film.

It’s certainly filled with beautiful footage of Cuba, as well as wonderful musical moments — like a restaging of “This is America” that makes its anti-capitalist themes even more obvious. But the story as a whole feels underdeveloped, and it’s a bit mystifying that someone would cast Rihanna in musical, then fail to give her a single moment to sing.

We also discuss an obscure little show called “Game of Thrones,” which returned for its final season last week. We have thoughts on the season premiere, and on what’s coming for the next five episodes.

You can listen in the player below, subscribe using Apple Podcasts or find us in your podcast player of choice. If you like the show, please let us know by leaving a review on Apple. You can also send us feedback directly. (Or suggest shows and movies for us to review!)


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Nio – The Tesla of China

Nio is an electric car company based in Shanghai China. It is a pioneer in China’s premium electric vehicle market, has been named #5 in Fast Company’s prestigious annual list of the Most Innovative Companies in China for 2019. The company (Nio) was established in 2014. NIO Inc made its name by developing the “EP9” supercar. The two-seater ran the Nürburgring Nordschleife in just 6 minutes 45.9 seconds, setting a record for electric vehicles (EVs) on that track.

The company then entered the premium electric vehicle market in China with the “ES8,” an all-electric, full-size SUV that can seat seven passengers. NIO plans to launch the “ES6,” its five-seater SUV, by the end of this year.

NIO’s most notable 2018 innovative achievements include:

  • March 1, 2018: NIO Issued First Shanghai Intelligent Connected Vehicle Test Permit
  • April 9, 2018: NIO Wins the 2018 Red Dot Design Award’s Top Accolade
  • April 26, 2018: NIO Issued Beijing Intelligent Connected Vehicle Test Permit
  • June 28, 2018: NIO ES8 deliveries began in China
  • July 17, 2018: NIO EP9 sets “Fastest electric production car” record at Goodwood’s Festival of Speed with a lap time of 44.32 seconds
  • September 12, 2018: NIO Inc. announces New York Stock Exchange initial public offering
  • September 24, 2018: NIO ES8 sets Guinness World Record for “Highest altitude achieved in an electric car” at the height of 5,715.28 meters
  • October 20, 2018: 12 NIO Houses available throughout 10 cities in China
  • November 15, 2018: 18 battery swap service stations available along the G4 Expressway in China
  • December 15, 2018: NIO ES6 5-seater SUV product launch at NIO Day 2018

Why it could be a success

Analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for the stock price of Nio Inc have a median target of $56.23 from the last price of $8.17.


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SoftBank and Toyota want driverless cars to change the world

Softbank and Toyota are partnering on an effort to use autonomous vehicles and other technologies to change the world of transportation.


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7 things to know before the bell

Read full story for latest details.


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BUSYOWNERS.COM is an Indian based online solution for commercial property lease management targeted at self managed landlords.
The motive is to provide the functioning of a large application with simplicity like Whatsapp to owners that faces issues in managing their leases. This solution enable owners with essential trackers (lease, rent and expense), and detailed reports related to their leases such as income, expenses, service tax. All information is available at just a click away results in enormous amount of time saving.
Storing information on a safe and secure environment, eliminates the risk of theft,loss or damage.
Owners can manage all their leases and properties on the go, as it can be used on any device at anytime from anyplace.


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one7days is a micro-donation app, allowing users to give $1 per week to a different charitable cause. It relies on the power in numbers and with a global audience as the market, it will make a positive impact on the world. This App promises to have a diverse range of causes that members can donate to , including humanitarian aid (like poverty, homelessness, water sanitation etc.), animal welfare, environment, medical research, medical care, human rights and natural disasters.

The problem that the App is trying to solving, is giving those who currently don’t give to charities (but want to) the opportunity to do so without costing them a lot. Statistics show that younger people (especially 20-40) are the least generous when it comes to charitable giving because they can’t afford it, or don’t know where to start. This app solves both, because most people with a smartphone can afford up to $52 in a year. One small gift. One big change.


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Indiana anti-gay law halts Angie’s List expansion

CEO Bill Oesterle says Indiana campus expansion on hold after Governor Mike Pence passed a law giving businesses the right to refuse service to LGBT people.


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Mercedes-Benz is making a pickup truck

The German luxury automakers is planning a mid-sized truck for markets outside the U.S.


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The Sharing Economy Is On The Brink Of Disrupting Business Travel

biztraveler The foundations of the business travel ecosystem are under more strain than ever before. U.S. companies are projected to spend $310 million on business travel in 2015 (up 6.2% from last year), but how they spend that money has become a source of tension and uncertainty. Sharing economy startups like Airbnb and Uber are challenging traditional travel vendors – and in the process… Read More


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