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JustUdaipur is a marketplace for Udaipur based makers of unique and creative handmade goods. JustUdaipur wants to keep the artisan linkage alive! Which connects a community of sellers to turn their ideas into a successful business. JustUdaipur provides an online platform for the artists of Udaipur to showcase their work to people across the globe.

How does Our Platform work?

JustUdaipur allows sellers only from Udaipur. Sellers register with justUdaipur and create their own dedicated online store on our platform. Once we approve the seller, they get access to their seller dashboard from where they can manage the catalog and all store related information.

There are no registration or listing fees.
In order to facilitate the ease of our sellers, justUdaipur takes care of the delivery which allows the sellers to focus on their work.

Sellers are able to reach a broader audience with the help of justUdaipur’s multi-channel marketing, both online and offline

Every piece is created by artisans who have dedicated their lives to learning the art of making beautiful goods. we’ve built long-standing relationships with our sellers, each one rooted in trust and a commitment to excellence. These artisans created many of the pieces that serve as the building blocks of our heritage, from the handcrafted goods made for buyers. Where and how the products are made is an integral part of our heritage. Every piece in our collection is made to serve as your trusted companion through a lifetime of experiences.

“Glitter Your Dreams Go Out And Make The Stars”.

Share – Burglar begone Is a startup that was born as a result of a real life experience. In 2008, the founder was living in a ground floor flat in Eastern Suburbs of Sydney (Australia) while studying his undergraduate degree. When summer break came, an interstate trip with family to enjoy the warmth and beaches in sunny Queensland ended in horror after intruders burgled his home completely bare. Every drawer, cupboard, cabinet, shelf was turned upside-down, inside out; literally every item worth $10 or more was taken. Inspired by this personal experience, Attikis has the lofty goal of ‘Fighting Crime, Doing Good’.

Attikis strives to fulfill this purpose by making available great tools in preventing and reducing crime: from monitoring that acts as a deterrent and enables property dwellers to respond faster to providing free security audits and a free recovery kit for victims, cocooning customers when a break-in occurs and actively engaging in security awareness campaigns in the community.

Attikis is a great service to provide back-to-base security alarm monitoring for free, targets the 9-in-10 homes and businesses that have no means to monitor their properties while away. Available for all iPhone and iPad devices, Attikis was conceptualized as a substitute to the more than $300 per annul prices and lock-in contracts of existing providers, and works with pre-installed alarm systems.

Our homes and businesses are left unattended for large parts of the day while we work, rest and live. That’s why Attikis has developed around-the-clock monitoring to keep your property secure with instant alerts that reach you anywhere, no matter where you are in the World. Attikis provides informative Phone Calls, SMS Messages, E-mails and Push Notifications on your iPhone or iPad when the alarm is triggered, easily defined by the property owners through the Attikis app to match the type of alarm – and all sent within a matter of seconds after being triggered. This startup gives users the ability to monitor their alarm system, so they can keep a tab on their homes or businesses while they are a way. Moreover users can connect their existing security alarm or purchase a new inexpensive one to use the service.


Upakt is a startup that lets you find great movers, get exact prices and book online. Just enter in the form what you’re moving and it will figure out how much it’ll cost instantly.

Until now, finding a mover took patience, effort, and a whole lot of phone calls. You had to ask around for prices—or fill out a form that did nothing more than share your information with a bunch of companies. Then you had to wait for quotes. Choose a mover and trust a complete stranger with all of your stuff. Get mad when the final move price turned out to be double the original quote…then get really, really mad when the “insured” mover dropped your new flat screen TV. Does moving really have to be this hard? Of course not. Founded by a moving industry veteran, Unpakt makes the moving process easier and more transparent. It’s simple: Just enter your move details, compare prices and reviews, choose a verified mover, and book online. We instantly show exact prices based on how much stuff you have—no ballpark estimates or hourly rates. In short, you’re in control of your move using this startup.


Seconds – Text and Mobile Commerce

SecondsSeconds is a site that offers you an efficient service. It is a real time messaging and mobile commerce platform. With the aid of Seconds you will be able to interact with your customers more easily than before. You will be able to efficiently manage your communications. You will even be able to follow with mobile payments though text messaging as well as orders and enquiries.

Seconds offers the possibility of merchants of monitoring your interactions through mobile communication with the aid of a simple dashboard.  Here the merchant will be able to see the full history of each interaction and this way he/she will have a better database and will be able to have a better profile about the consumers. Plus, at the end of the entire transaction, the customer will have the possibility to give a rating regarding his experience, which in turn will be used to improve performance as well as simplify communication with regular orders.

Seconds costs $50 per month, but you can try it for free for a month to determine for yourself how productive the system is for your business.


Orkiv – Collective Buying on a Larger Scale

OrkivOrkiv is a site that offers to consumers the possibility of collective buying on a larger scale, on an internet scale. With the aid of Orkiv you will be able to indirectly connect with other people which have the same purchasing desires.

What Orkiv does is to accumulate these purchasing needs and to negotiate with the manufacturer for a lower price for the desired product or service. Orkiv focuses on condensing the distribution channel, thus offering the possibility of gain for anyone. Orkiv focuses on a completely new unconventional spin to the well known group buying process. You will no longer need to go through the third party which requires additional money and the products will be delivered directly to the end consumer. The site strives to deliver multiple deals simultaneously and focuses on creating a bigger user database in order to improve deals. You can think of Orkiv as being a purchasing social network in which your purchasing needs become the subject of purchasing power.

With the aid of Orkiv you will be able to obtain the products that you desire at significantly lower prices.


peggsit – Quick Job Market

Logo If you are looking for a quick way to find someone to do a job for you or you are looking for small work opportunities and you live in the California Bay Area, peggsit may be able to help you. A service similar to Craigslist, it aims to bring together employers and workers in the area for the mutual benefit for everyone.

The process is simple. Employers post their jobs along with the estimated budget in the listing and the workers can browse the listing to find the jobs which suit their specialty. Both parties can then correspond online to finalize the requirements. There are no fees involved and job posters are required to pay the applicant on the day the job is completed.

What they say about themselves

Ever wish you could hire someone to assemble your IKEA furniture? Do you want to earn $50 cutting the neighbor’s lawn? connects individuals and small businesses needing short-term help with local people willing and able to get the job done.

Why it could be a success

By giving the community a chance to help itself out by putting employers and workers in contact through a simple application, peggsit can soon become the next outsourcing portal for Bay Area. What they need is to expand their service to other cities to maximize the interaction and possibly incorporate a payment procedure to ensure the fairness of the process.


Let’s Gift It – Group Gifting Made Easy

letsgiftit Logo Let’s Gift It is a relatively new website launched back in December 2010. It implements a simple business model giving users the opportunity to send gifts to other people. You may be wondering how this is different from other gift services. Well, it is, because it allows the gifts to be sent as a group.

The process is simple. All you need is a free account to start the process. Then it is up to you to choose an appropriate gift and send out invites to your friends or colleagues directly or via social networking websites like Facebook. Users can then visit the link and chip in with whatever amount they like. The contributions are anonymous as far as the recipient is concerned although the organizer can see this information. Everything from packaging to shipping is then taken care of automatically through the service interface.

Let’s Gift It uses Authorize as the payment processing system. The service also provides APIs for merchants to incorporate this functionality in their websites.

What they say about themselves

We help people buy and gift as a group. Lets Gift It is innovating in social commerce and gifting. We are one of the best social media apps enabling retailers and wish lists by providing a technology solution for social buying in electronic commerce. E-business and online merchandising sites are using social media campaigns to reach and engage with groups of buyers. Let’s Gift It taps into social networks to provide our e-Commerce partners with an alternative payment solution by deploying our SaaS group gift technology.

Why it could be a success

Simply put, small contributions pooled together can be used to buy something nice for a person you care about. Instead of individual gifts, people can use group gifting to buy something big and relatively expensive like iPod or a PS3.


Resort Business Opportunities

Resort Business Opportunities (or RBO) is a website that is devoted to listing businesses at resort locations throughout the U.S. It’s the mission of the service to match buyers and opportunities. Therefore, users can either sell their business or buy one using this convenient vehicle for procuring and selling business properties.

Using their extensive experience, the founders of RBO have the expertise to understand the individual challenges that are involved in owing businesses in resort locations. Therefore, they can sort out the details in order to find the right business for an individual interested in acquiring this type of business opportunity. If it is your dream then to own this kind of business, you can search through RBO listings by specific business type and review the data about demographics, weather, etc. Every aspect is detailed so potential buyers save valuable time and sellers obtain viable, applicable leads.

This niche market offers buyers who are new to the resort business as well as veterans alike a tailor-made and streamlined approach to finding the ideal business opportunity. Plus, if you are interested in buying a business opportunity of this type, you can do so easily as you don’t have to create a personal profile or waste precious time by filling out any type of questionnaire. You won’t be flooded with advertising in your email either. The website is designed specifically for buyers to sift through the data so they can make a purchase decision that is right for them. Therefore RBO does the preliminary work for you so you can make a business decision that will be to your ultimate liking. For many entrepreneurs, working with RBO can indeed be a positive, life-changing experience!

If you are a seller, you can easily reach your target demographic using the RBO listing site. Because it is a niche market, you need to use a service that can key in on those people who are specifically interested in buying a resort-type of business. By using a service designed primarily for the purpose of selling businesses in resort locations, you can be assured that you will definitely find a buyer who is interested in purchasing your business opportunity.

If you are buying, simply access the site at  and enter your search criteria. Once you input the data, you will receive a list of the businesses that are currently being offered. Follow up by including your favorite choices on your own “My RBO” page. That’s all there is to it! Or, if you are a listing agent, you can access the “Brokers” tab and sign up to take part in the RBO’s broker program. For one minimum monthly fee, you can post an unlimited listing of the properties that you presently represent.

What Does RBO Say?

Our website is the only online listing venue of businesses for sale in resort, vacation, and outdoor recreation areas around the country. We also offer helpful advice regarding the hurdles and nuances of relocating to, living in, and operating a small business in a resort community.

What’s So Special About It?

In terms of businesses listings and content we are the only site servicing this niche market. Demand for lifestyle business opportunities is very strong right now, despite the economy. With tens of thousands of resort-type businesses for sale around the US, and the leading edge of baby boomers approaching retirement age, we are well-positioned to be the leader in this market segment.



My is an ideal site for anyone who wants to save as it’s set up and designed to match customers with deals that are tailored to their personal interests and tastes. The site also provides a venue for advertisers who want to target customers who are truly interested in their products or services.

Consumers can save a terrific amount of money by using this convenient online shopping service. After filling out their details, they’ll only receive savings deals that are directly aligned with their shopping interests. For example, if a shopper prefers to eat at a particular fast food restaurant or likes shopping, say, at a big name retailer like Wal-Mart, he’ll only receive deals connected with those companies. With, your shopping preferences are considered “classified” material, so you’ll only obtain savings information that matters to you. will start the process by only sending you a couple emails each week—no more. Therefore, they won’t overwhelm you with offers and deals that you can’t possibly use. It’s a customized service made entirely with the consumer’s interests in mind.

So, here’s how it works – simply sign up at and indicate your preferences. Then wait for the savings to accumulate for you and your family. Plus, will promise not to solicit your name over the Internet. Your privacy is respected as well.

The service, as mentioned, offers benefits to advertisers who market on the site too. As a result, the service won’t waste an advertiser’s time by giving him leads that are not part of his customer base. Therefore, advertisers also realize savings in the ad dollars they spend as they won’t expend their precious time and energy on people who will never become part of their target market. As you can see, it’s a win-win situation for both consumer and advertiser alike.

People become repeat customers when they use and advertisers build a following that makes them prosperous. With, you, the customer, will be able to create your own personalized savings store, giving you the best deals on clearance items and daily advertised specials from your favorite retailers. The site will allow you to realize regular savings on the items that you buy the most. It’s the best way to spend as well as save money.

What does say?

On people can create a personalized store in just 30 seconds that pulls in the best clearance sales, promo codes, daily deals and refurbished items on the things they buy from the retailers they trust.

What’s So Special about It?

Have you tried Groupon or Living Social? Do you often get emailed a bunch of things you don’t care about? Everybody does so was created to show consumers only the deals on the things that interested them. A user can create a profile in just 30 seconds where they list what kinds of food, clothes and stuff they like. This gives them the opportunity to enjoy savings by way of their own personalized store – a store that pulls in the best clearance items, promo codes, seasonal sales etc. from big name stores they know and trust. Best of all the service is free and customers will never receive a ton of email. Why not try it out today?


Libre – Clothing Line for Patients

Libre LogoLibre is a new clothing line for the patients of Chemotherapy and Dialysis. The Libre clothes are prepared keeping in mind the patients and ease of treatment for them. Libre combines the daily-wear and patient-wear into a unique yet very logical clothing line.

Libre means free or open and the name is given to the clothing referring to the opening in clothes for treatment. The patients no longer have to change into the treatment clothes before going through the dialysis and infusion treatment. The patients can wear these clothes the whole day; the treatment can be done through the hidden openings in the dress without changing into hospital clothes.

The hospital clothes have been a major problem for the patients, who have to go through the treatment on regular basis. It becomes even worse in winter when the patients face the cold weather in the hospital clothing. Libre allows the patients to get the treatment in the comfortable and warm clothing instead of inadequate hospital clothes.

The idea of the clothing line started when one of the co-founders, Megan Stengel noticed the troubles faced by her mother during her treatments. So the founders really understand the problems of their customers.

What Do They Say about themselves?

Libre is a functional clothing line for chemotherapy and dialysis patients. Clothing is designed to fulfill the unmet needs of patients receiving treatment through port sites and fistulas. We offer classic styles with an innovative opening where treatment is received.

Why it Could Be a Success:

The key to success for any business is in focusing on the customers’ needs and Libre does just that. It fulfills a need of patients that was ignored before Libre. It is truly a very good solution for those patients, who go through the treatments regularly. Libre also aims to team up with the charities by donating a share of all sales. The commitment to serve the patients better could be a major factor in its success.


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