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Freebie Finder – The Site for Free stuff, Freebies and Giveaways

Freebie Finder is a UK based startup that collects free giveaways, freebies and free samples from big brands and advertisers for their users. They say they have a userbase of more than 10,000 after their launch in late 2011.

The freebie market seems saturated but when we looked at the competitors – a lot of them appear to just be referral and link building pyramids without much use for the end user, so there could be space for a more user friendly site.

We’ll be keeping an eye out to see if they are still around in a years time and if they’ve managed to find a decent revenue model for their business, considering everything is free.


Resort Business Opportunities

Resort Business Opportunities (or RBO) is a website that is devoted to listing businesses at resort locations throughout the U.S. It’s the mission of the service to match buyers and opportunities. Therefore, users can either sell their business or buy one using this convenient vehicle for procuring and selling business properties.

Using their extensive experience, the founders of RBO have the expertise to understand the individual challenges that are involved in owing businesses in resort locations. Therefore, they can sort out the details in order to find the right business for an individual interested in acquiring this type of business opportunity. If it is your dream then to own this kind of business, you can search through RBO listings by specific business type and review the data about demographics, weather, etc. Every aspect is detailed so potential buyers save valuable time and sellers obtain viable, applicable leads.

This niche market offers buyers who are new to the resort business as well as veterans alike a tailor-made and streamlined approach to finding the ideal business opportunity. Plus, if you are interested in buying a business opportunity of this type, you can do so easily as you don’t have to create a personal profile or waste precious time by filling out any type of questionnaire. You won’t be flooded with advertising in your email either. The website is designed specifically for buyers to sift through the data so they can make a purchase decision that is right for them. Therefore RBO does the preliminary work for you so you can make a business decision that will be to your ultimate liking. For many entrepreneurs, working with RBO can indeed be a positive, life-changing experience!

If you are a seller, you can easily reach your target demographic using the RBO listing site. Because it is a niche market, you need to use a service that can key in on those people who are specifically interested in buying a resort-type of business. By using a service designed primarily for the purpose of selling businesses in resort locations, you can be assured that you will definitely find a buyer who is interested in purchasing your business opportunity.

If you are buying, simply access the site at  and enter your search criteria. Once you input the data, you will receive a list of the businesses that are currently being offered. Follow up by including your favorite choices on your own “My RBO” page. That’s all there is to it! Or, if you are a listing agent, you can access the “Brokers” tab and sign up to take part in the RBO’s broker program. For one minimum monthly fee, you can post an unlimited listing of the properties that you presently represent.

What Does RBO Say?

Our website is the only online listing venue of businesses for sale in resort, vacation, and outdoor recreation areas around the country. We also offer helpful advice regarding the hurdles and nuances of relocating to, living in, and operating a small business in a resort community.

What’s So Special About It?

In terms of businesses listings and content we are the only site servicing this niche market. Demand for lifestyle business opportunities is very strong right now, despite the economy. With tens of thousands of resort-type businesses for sale around the US, and the leading edge of baby boomers approaching retirement age, we are well-positioned to be the leader in this market segment.




They say that there are no guidebooks to tell you how to be a parent, but with the internet that’s no longer true. Moms4Mom is a great example of how the internet can be used by pregnant mothers and parents at all stages in their children’s lives to find out everything they need to know by asking the real experts – other parents. I wish I could have seen a site like this when I first had my children as the main questions I would have wanted answered are right up there in the frequent discussions.

Why do toddlers stop eating? When do you start taking children to the dentist? Are there problems with colic medecines? As if that isn’t enough there are even tips about how to get on with the parents of your children’s friends. And if your questions aren’t here you could join and ask them yourself, plus give your own expert advice if you’ve been through any of the other parents’ dilemmas. Dads can also ask questions too, despite the name of the site. Any parent will know that this is the type of site that’s really needed and I’ll certainly be coming back to it as it ranges from pregnancy right up to questions about leaving older kids alone and teaching them to ski.


RefrigeratorArtist – Share Your Child’s Artwork

RefrigeratorArtist gives parents the chance to share their children’s artwork online, making it possible to keep a permanent record of all the favourite pictures produced by the family. These can go into an individual gallery with the name of each child, and you can select pictures to go into the voting to try to win $400 in US savings bonds each month. Vote for your favourites from the children on Refrigeratorartist to help select the winner.

Keeping a digital record will help a lot of parents because the actual pictures really do stack up over the years and families can only keep a few. The site also has products available to purchase with the children’s artwork featured, including t-shirts and mugs. I can’t help thinking there will be plenty of competitive voting going on, with friends and relatives nagged to vote for children, and more nagging will come from the children to get the t-shirts and mugs. So it should be a financial success for the designers while still being a lot of fun and a useful resource for families wanting to keep an archive of their children’s artwork.


ShortReviews – Mini Critical Reviews

Whether you like to review movies, books, music TV programmes or something else you can do it here. The site specialises in mini reviews, so a glance at each page lets visitors instantly see which ones are of interest. This is good for viewers, but also makes it more tempting to get your ideas down quickly, add a picture, and share them. You can also give a star rating to go with each review.

Like many sites this one it going the way of building a community and that seems to be an increasingly popular approach. Users are encouraged to invite friends and look at each other’s reviews. With so many people preferring to Tweet short comments rather than commit to longer blog entries, and with visitors liking to get their information in quickly digested chunks, ShortReviews should appeal.


Spreeder – Speed Reading Made Easy

These days there seems to be so much text to get through that speed reading is a skill well worth acquiring. Spreeder provides a free online speed reading tutorial and also lets you copy in your own text to be read. So it doubles up as a method of learning to read faster and also a tool for reading your own documents quickly. To try Spreeder out you can copy and paste a document into the window on the main page and start reading it one word at time at speed. Then you can click on settings to read the text in larger chunks and at different speeds. Gradually it should be possible to read larger chunks of text at increasing rates.

The main ways this works are to get the brain to scan and read faster, and also to stop the habit of drifting off or continually reading back over text. With one chance to read a chunk of text you get in the habit of taking it all in at one glance. Spreeder has extra facilities, including a ‘bookmarklet’. This lets you select text in your web browser, open the Spreed bookmarklet in another browser window, and there you will find the text preloaded with no need to copy and paste. Some types of reading are best when done at a leisurely pace, but for much of the work we need to do it would be better to be able to get through it quickly, making Spreeder a useful tool and training resource.


Konkuri – Tournament Creation & Management

konkuri This is a simple website which allows people to create and manage tournaments. Its not a complex system rather it gives you only the ladder chart system where you can graphically show how the tournament is progressing along with the scores of individual matches.

This site doesn’t even require a sign up like others and you can just go and create your own tournament ladders. The site supports around 70 games including football, cricket, snooker and other favorites. Once you choose the game and the number of players just hit create and enter the names of the players on the next screen. Plain and simple.  Later on the site allows users to add results which can be viewed using a nice graphical layout.


SwissDNABank – Live Forever

Swiss DNA Bank This would have been science fiction a couple of decades back but with the advancement in technology, you can preserve your memories and yourself for generations to come.

SwissDNABank is a new service which claims to hold your actual DNA and your life memories in a secure location in Switzerland. The DNA collection procedure is very easy and simple and can be done by any adult person. Besides the DNA, they also provide you with an electronic lock box for personal documents, pictures and anything of importance which a person will want to present to the next generations.

The service is fairly cheap at $99, a one time fee. If you want to never truly leave this world, try this service and you can live on forever.


Sitepie – Helping virtual companies

Sitepie Sitepie is a recently launched website targeting potential businessmen and entrepreneurs who are planning to have their presence on the Internet but don’t want to be bogged down with legal or administrative tasks. This will lead them to focus on their ideas and monetize them to the maximum.

The entire process is user-friendly and allows anyone to quickly launch the idea using the expertise and tools provided by the site. The site holds templates to quickly build social network sites, blogs or video channels.

The pricing is affordable although the site is in beta and doesn’t allow direct signups yet. You can contact the administrators via signup link and they will review and invite you on board. There is not much activity and no demos to look at the moment but the idea looks promising. We will have to see how they fare in the crowd sourcing niche.

Share – Community Portal A resource which could become indispensable if you are in the great state of Missouri or are planning a visit there. This community portal offers a smorgesboard of services like ads, information and email.

As soon as I opened the site, I found a wealth of information which included business ads, travel information, weather reports and even lottery and carrier information. The email service caught my eye and I checked it out to find that they offer around 500 MB space with a account.

The classified section is free and sellers can put anything under the sky up for sale. Let’s see if this site is able to monetize their presence by offering services to the local community and make itself a one-stop-shop on the Internet for Missouri citizens.


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