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They say that there are no guidebooks to tell you how to be a parent, but with the internet that’s no longer true. Moms4Mom is a great example of how the internet can be used by pregnant mothers and parents at all stages in their children’s lives to find out everything they need to know by asking the real experts – other parents. I wish I could have seen a site like this when I first had my children as the main questions I would have wanted answered are right up there in the frequent discussions.

Why do toddlers stop eating? When do you start taking children to the dentist? Are there problems with colic medecines? As if that isn’t enough there are even tips about how to get on with the parents of your children’s friends. And if your questions aren’t here you could join and ask them yourself, plus give your own expert advice if you’ve been through any of the other parents’ dilemmas. Dads can also ask questions too, despite the name of the site. Any parent will know that this is the type of site that’s really needed and I’ll certainly be coming back to it as it ranges from pregnancy right up to questions about leaving older kids alone and teaching them to ski.


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