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TheCityGuide – Making India Accessible

The City Guide is a recently launched website by ITLaddu, an Indian based firm. If you are a tourist planning to visit a city in India and you want to know where the bars and hotels are, places of interest, restaurants etc, this resource can help and save a lot of your time and money.

All the major cities of India are listed. The interface is simple. Either pick a city of your choice and get all the necessary information like restaurants, bars, hotels, saloons, landmarks, hospitals etc located in it or search for your favorite place. The site also provides a social networking service where you can make profiles to share with the world.

The site can benefit a lot if they open some kind of tourism packages for the people looking to take a vacation. This way they can monetize their presence on the Internet and will help people to get good travel deals.


Cricket360 Aims for Niche Cricket Audience

logo3Niche portals can fare well if the subject matter is engaging to a large enough group of interested individuals. Cricket360 is an India based community site that aims to allow cricket fans to create profiles, instant message, live video chat and catch up on the latest news.

The founders say they are going to differentiate themselves by “going beyond providing the regular historical and real-time statistical data and news and information like other sports portals.” Which presumably means they are aiming to create content themselves as well as hoping for user-generated content through their cricket-specific social network. What remains to be seen is whether cricket360 can lure enough dedicated cricket fans to interact and create interesting cricket based content on their site, rather than their own blog or social network. Taking a look at the company’s site, it looks like they are planning on creating multiple sports based portals, which may be where the value lies for this business.


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