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Success Talk with Plentyoffish Founder Markus Frind

The story behind the success of is a young entrepreneur by the name Markus Frind. Markus started plentyoffish from home on his spare time, he was the sole site adminstator for the entire life of the the site untill recently when he added few customer support staff. Markus was never an ivy league gradute student like most of the successful high tech entrepreneurs. Furthermore, Markus was just a regular working guy changing jobs untill he decided to start Plentyoffish.

What was the Big Idea Behind Plentyoffish?

According to Markus in his interview in the (INC Magazine) his idea was to start a full free dating site and break from traditional paid subscription dating sites such as Unlike all other dating sites that were charging fees to subscribe to their service, Plentyoffish gained a major advantage over all of them and offered free subscriptions. Free subscription was not the only advantage.

The free service of PlentyOfish encouraged many users to subscribe to the service and that gave a great boost to the site and expanded its customer base. A free service with poorly designed dating website that has poor contents could not be a success.Therefore the other advantage that Plentyoffish has is that the site was easy to navigate with intelligent design.
The site is very easy to use for new users and it allows them to register and subscribe with minimum to no errors. The site also have convenient features that matches subscribers to their matches using several attributes such as distance, and personal traits.

Fresh and new contets are very important to the success of any website that some entrepreneurs ignore. The ability of plentyogfish to maintain its subscribtion base is clear from the fresh contents and features that the site kept improving over the years to increase new subscribtions and maintain existing members. Users didn’t get bored from the site and they liked its free features that were comparable to those offered by paid sites.

How Successfull Plentyoffish is?

Plentyoffish became the largest dating site by valume and by numbers of subscribers with 1.6 billion page views every month. Many big competitors such as and that maybe ironic but it uses the huge success of plentyoffish and it buys advertisements slots in the dating website.

As for the founder Markus Frind, he became known as the google adsense millionaire 5 years after starting Plentyoffish. Plentyoffish bring in millions every year from advertisments revenue, the website monetizing policy is mainly depends on advertisement because it is free service for members.

Markus enjoys the success of his venture by working between 10 to 20 hours a week and making over 5 million a year. He is running one of the largest websites on the planet and enjoying the success of his startup by spending more time enjoying life.


Success Talk with Mashable’s Founder Pete Cashmore

It is often facinating to learn about successful entrepreneurs. The more we learn about them the more we have the urge to ask the important question and that is what special talents and self deciplines they possess that enabled them to overcome challeges and succeed? Most often enterpenours share their special secretes and also give valuable advice to startup founders to help them succeed. In an atricle written in the (Entrepreneur Magazine) Mashable’s Pete Cashmore talked about some personal traits that helped him overcome obstacles and trun his love for the internet into fortune and success. He founded Mashable at age 19 when he decided to start a technology blog for mainstream audience.

Hard work and persistence produced success and (Mashable) trun out to be a great hit. It is a leading technolgy webiste with 44 employees and offices in Los Angles and New York; Furthormore Mashaable is a website that bring in over 12.5 million monthly visitors.

What’s the Biggest Lesson to Learn As a Young Entrepreneur?

How Can I Manage Stress As a Young Entrepreneur?

More on stress management from Startup America Partnership Chief Executive Scott Case.


Airsee – Enjoy Live Video Broadcasts

AirseeWith the new Airsee website you will be able to enjoy free live video broadcast and group chat. With the aid of Airsee you will no longer need to buy the overcharged services of broadcasting live video. With Airsee any person or business can communicate in real time without any problems and all completely free. Plus it is quite easy to communicate with the person you desire as each member can be identified by a simple URL. And with this approach, the quality of the broadcast is significantly higher.

It is true that there are other live video chat options which are without cost, such as Skype, but the problem is that those services are more socially oriented. With Airsee you will be able to easily and safely communicate with non-friends through live video streaming, without any hindrance or personal note. With the help of Airsee you will be able to enjoy easy and stable mass communication through live broadcast.

With Airsee you will be able to enjoy live broadcasting and video chatting without any costs in a safe manner.


B00mbox – Collaborative Playlist Management

B00mbox Logo
You must have seen video playlists by different users on YouTube. Now you can make it even better by asking other people to contribute and build a playlist with input from your friends, colleagues and loved ones. B00mbox, a free service, lets users achieve this without hassle, quickly and comfortably.

B00mbox lets users pick different YouTube videos, add them through a web interface to the collection and finally use this collection as a playlist by flipping through different slides. There are some already nice collections like top songs of 2010 and beautiful travel destinations open for input. Sadly there is no option to delete the video from the slideshow through B00mbox interface.

B00mbox is powered by slidebomb and each collection is hosted there.

What they say about themselves

B00mbox is great because it lets people work together to make something. If we find a way to turn this exposure into dollars we got a hit.

Why it could be a success

Asking others about their opinions on a certain subject is a way to add diversity. If you are trying to find something, searching for it yourself may take a long time, whereas if you ask other people to chip in, you will quickly get the desired results. The service can be used for fun, education or quick surveys.


Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin Ryan and Andreessen on Startup Success

Check out some great advice from some of the most successful tech entrepreneurs of the past decade or so from Business Insider.

Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Kevin Ryan (DoubleClick), Thomas Gensemer (Blue State Digital), Marc Andreessen (Netscape) all offer their advice on how to achieve startup success.


Tony Robbins – Why do you do what you do?

Being able to give a great presentation will get you further than being smart or having a great idea. Being able to get up in front of powerful people who make decisions or who might buy your product is still the most effective way to succeed as a startup owner/entrepreneur.

Self help and life coaching may seem cheesy to some, but Tony Robbins can definitely give a great presentation and has started and run a very successful business for many years. He also high fives Al Gore in this presentation below!


The Secret History Of Silicon Valley [Video]

A great talk from Steve Blank, the creator of the customer development school of startup thought. Steve talks about the genesis of Silicon Valley, way back to the 1940s.


How To Invest Like Warren Buffet

Warren Buffett is worth just short of $37 billion, he started his company from scratch. In another of our videos highlighting some of the world’s most successful startup founders philosophies and paths to success, here’s Warren Buffet talking about his extremely canny investment and subsequent exit, in PetroChina.


Felix Dennis – How To Get Rich

An interview with one of Europe’s wealthiest entrepreneurs, Felix Dennis founder of Dennis Publishing.

Dennis started his working life as a grave digger, moving into publishing with the ill fated Oz magazine, which landed him a stint in jail. Whilst this interview is not exactly the best piece of journalism I’ve seen, Felix Dennis himself is a very unique entrepreneur and gives some excellent startup advice. Buy his book to read some really frank and very honest advice about what it takes to make hundreds of millions of dollars from nothing.


Innocent Smoothies Founder Richard Reed Interview

A great interview with Richard Reed, one of the founders of Innocent Smoothies. Richard talks about how he got started, the terrible ideas he had before he founded his £120 million ($191 million) company, Innocent Smoothies.


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