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Niche Content Sites

Bliipa – A Search Engine with a Twist

Bliipa Bliipa is a new search engine recently launched in 2009. Its not the usual run of the mill engine but rather has a nice and clean interface and provides two types of results based on the query submitted.

The main results are gathered using Yahoo’s API and social site content. Sites such as Twitter are probed for the search query and the results displayed column wise next to the normal results. Its somewhat similar to universal search in Google. The added benefit is that its sort of a multiple site-wide search and the normal search merged into one clean package.

I should point out that with competitors like Google, Bliipa has to come up with some really cool stuff if it wants to place itself near the top in the search engine market.


ConsumerMate – Get advice on gadgets

ConsumerMate ConsumerMate is a relatively new website launched to specially cater for the electronic lifestyle of people living in India. The website offers help and advice in selection of electronic items. Currently it catalogs laptops, mobiles and TVs of renowned brands like LG, HP and Sony.

The concept, though not new, is presented through an easy to use interface. I liked the ‘GURU GYAN’ feature, a wizard which asks you the questions relating to a product and then fetches the results based on your answers. The questions are not overly technical and are designed to keep in mind what the end user wants. The choices can also be made by using the slider control presented.

Once a selection is made, an inquiry can be forwarded which is sent to the local dealers allowing them to get in touch with the buyer.

The site also hosts information articles about the technological aspects of these products and what a buyer should look out for. In short a nice resource which allows buyers to make informed decisions before they actually commit to buying a product. It would be nice if more categories are added to give the site a more diverse audience.


Chikkle – Let your thoughts roll

Chikkle Chikkle is a recent entrant into the social networking web. Sign up and you get to make blog posts, write articles and start discussions. I think with so many websites it is better to start in a new community as people will get to know each other much quicker than all the thousands on other social sites.

The site is very lightweight. The current user base is around 130 but should increase given the hype of networking. Users can opt for using the Chikkle AdTouch technology which allows them to display advertisements on their pages and earn revenues. Now that is one incentive that has to attract people. Lets see if the monetary incentive can generate enough buzz to get Chikkle off the ground.


Tribal Football – All about the game

Tribal Football Football is loved by billions and played by millions of people around the world. I think every 1 in 3 must be a fan of some team. There are plenty of resources on the net where one can get information about the game. Tribalfootball is also one of them.

Tribalfootball delivers news from almost all the major leagues around the world. Players and managers profiles, score sheets of the latest games and club information is available. It has a fan community which can share stories, ideas and opinions via forums. This can be the deciding feature which will attract people to this site. We do love our visitors ;).


neoK12 – Fun Learning One look at this site and you will know that ‘learning can be fun’. This online resource is a really good addition to the edutainment market. Targeting K-12 school kids, this site provides information disguised as video clips. Subjects range from physical sciences to life sciences to maths to human body and social studies besides others.

This service is free to use. No registration hassles whatsoever. Besides the ease with which children can find categories listed on the main page, search for a specific topic can also be performed. The video hosting service is YouTube.

The site is certified to be kid safe.


twtMailer – Have tweets delivered to your inbox


A nice add-on for all you tweeters out there. The site allows you to keep track of a tweeter account and have all the @reply sent to your inbox. Its very easy to use. Just sign up and add your email address to get the content delivered in an organized fashion formatted with HTML. Additionally you can send tweets from twtmailer directly. Don’t forget to read their logout message once you sign up.

The service is available as both free and premium memberships, premium accounts getting more benefits like no advertisements. The payment is through paypal account.


Zooity – Profiles Directory So you have accounts on all the major social networking sites; you have several blogs and you keep tabs on Flickr. In short, you have a plethora of sites to keep a lookout for. If you feel that keeping them in order is getting difficult and you want everything organized in an easy way, zooity is the place you should go to.

This resource allows you to manage all your profiles from a single place. According to them, you can call zooity a centralized public profile resource. The benefit is that all you have to give is the zooity profile link and everyone can see all the sites where you have profiles listed on the zooity page ready to be visited. I am sure the site will grow bigger once you see the benefits of its services and the ease of management which it provides.

Share – Write and Publish

Logo If you want to publish articles or blogs using text, pictures and videos embedded right into your content and without worrying for a website setup, is the place.

This twitter application allows you to simply give a title and your content which can include pictures or videos like those on YouTube and it publishes it via your Twitter account. Can’t get easier than this.

The service is entirely free (you don’t even have to open an account)  and provides a personal page for publishing twitters and the facility to get feeds also. It is in beta and the webmasters have plans to expand their reach to other social networking sites in the future.


Moogo – Websites made easy

Here is another resource on the website development market. Moogo is a site which allows users to quickly make their presence on the Internet and that too in a forceful way. This site offers 7 days of free hosting of websites which can be created using the tools provided by Magoo and then the period can be extended by subscribing to the service.

Several features attracted me to the site. First is the interactive way in which a user is guided through the whole site creation process. Second is the huge database of templates from which one can choose the design of the site. Third is the plethora of tools which are at the user’s disposal for the maintenance of the site. The widgets employed were really easy to control and edit. The finished product was far more polished than I thought it would be. I wish they extend the testing period a little.

I may not do justice to the experience which I had when I was using this website. Head out there and see for yourself.


Raylit – Internet Edutainment for Kids

Logo Some sites Internet claim to be totally kid safe, very few actually make it there. We found Raylit to be one of the better ones, making learning, education and games fun activities for the kids.

The site has all the content which you need when you are rearing a child. Coloring books, puzzles, handwriting improvement worksheets, cartoons, educational videos and games. The website also provides a section for the parents which allows them to keep track of their child’s activities and check their progress reports. The website is certified to be child safe so you can let your child browse it without any reservations or worries.


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